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Listrak transforms client engagement and project efficiency with tailored creative review and approval workflows

Marketing manager working on a creative assets review workflow

For retailers looking to harness the power of their customer data, Listrak’s digital marketing cloud platform is the ultimate solution. Its robust platform empowers retailers to unify, interpret, and personalize customer data, then engage those customers across multiple channels using custom automation and CRM solutions.

Listrak’s Professional Services team adds a personalized touch to the customer experience, with direct marketing campaign planning and support that helps over 1,000 clients from its Pennsylvania and California offices. The Professional Services team works closely with Project Management and Creative teams to manage account onboarding and control the delivery of design, creative, and strategic assets for each client.

Servicing unique client review and approval processes

Listrak faces a challenge common to so many in-house marketing teams: balancing internal creative processes with different clients’ working styles. Adapting to every client’s unique creative workflow is what maintains Listrak’s personalized customer experience. It also led to project feedback occurring in scattered, disparate forms. Each client had their own way of sending project feedback, from email, Word, Excel, PDF markup to physical printing and re-scans of images.

“Each client seemed to have a different creative approval process,” said Bill Gartrell, Listrak Project Manager. “It was frustrating to gather comments.”

  Creative project managers discussing company vision on sofa next to laptop and table

This unstructured, free-for-all method of client feedback frequently undermined Listrak’s creative and project management team’s ability to act quickly on project revisions. Attempting to match comments with related design elements slowed down the design process.

Creative project managers attempted to wrangle projects and maintain proper version control, but found their efforts built on sand. In order to send feedback to copywriters and designers so they could execute, project managers would manually copy and paste client comments from many areas into a master Excel document.

Creating customized workflow templates for each client

Listrak discovered that there was no shortage of project management tools that had some workflow capability. They quickly saw that Ziflow was different. Intuitive creative collaboration markup tools, version management, software integrations, and ability to manage internal and external workflows made it stand above the rest.

Listrak now had eyes on the creative team’s review process, and could manage it, the client-facing review, and approval activities all from one streamlined platform. But there were added benefits that Listrak found as they dove deeper into Ziflow’s features, such as the ability to:

Listrak uses Ziflow to deliver creative assets across new and existing client projects and as the internal platform for managing project reviews.

Gone are the days of haphazard, ad-hoc processes for client projects. Now, when a client requests a new project, the Creative and Professional Services team can manage all project tasks, proofs, and revisions—both internally and externally with the client —in one system.

“Being able to see multiple versions of each design was a huge win for us; we could show the client that we did indeed address all their concerns. We like the ease of visually showing where changes could be made and the ability to hold each team accountable for changes and review,” said Gatrell.

Because the solution can be used to manage both internal creative production and client-facing feedback, Listrak’s Professional Services team can offer all clients streamlined communications while meeting each client’s unique project needs.

Marketing agency client collaborating with her tablet on creative assets review in Ziflow-1

Real-time collaboration builds client trust

No matter how much or what type of feedback is provided, Ziflow’s feedback workflows have drastically reduced internal transfer times of comments and files between Listrak and its clients.

As a result:

  • Edits are more organized and easier to understand from the clients.
  • Real-time editing is transparent and visible to the entire team.
  • The team outputs faster project delivery times for clients.
  • Creative and project management teams have increased capacity to take on new projects and clients.
  • Fewer meetings, calls, and emails are required from clients to keep projects moving.

“It was definitely a great investment. We have clearer communication and reduced back-and-forth with the client are definitely the biggest gains. At Listrak, we deliver results for our clients, and Ziflow certainly helps streamline the process.”

Bill Gartrell, Project Manager, Listrak

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