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Accelerate the feedback process with review groups

Easily manage who can view, comment and provide decisions on your creative content

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Easily bring team members together on a proof

Easily create groups of frequently involved team members, with predefined roles (view, comment, decision) to accelerate the feedback process. You can even name the groups for easy identification.

Combine review groups as part of a workflow

Incorporate multiple review groups during a proof review or as new versions are created. You can use review groups for specific purposes, such as design, copywriting or compliance. This is an absolute requirement for any enterprise-ready online proofing system

Granular settings available for each review group

For each review group, proof owners can create custom invitation messages, select update notification frequency and set review deadlines. Groups in the same proof can have different settings. No other online proofing software offers this level of granular control over review groups. 

Deliver quality and compliant marketing projects faster

Review groups help keep projects moving toward success

Help drive compliance

Keep key stakeholders involved in decisions to demonstrate command and control over your creative process.

Create as many groups as needed

Individual team members can be a part of many groups, so create broad or purpose-built groups as needed.

Include External Contributors

Clients, partners, and vendors can all take part in review groups, either as named group members or as guests.

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