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Keep everyone on the same page and up to date with notifications

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Online proofing notifications

Individual settings for reviewers and proofs

Ziflow’s online proofing solution lets you determine notification frequencies on a per reviewer and per proof basis with a wide range of options and information settings, such as late proof notices.
Online proofing notifications
online proofing notifications via email

Updates can be delivered via actionable email messages

Notifications can be set to relay the actual comments provided in the proof with complete attribution and time stamping. Replies can be provided via that email, if needed.
online proofing notifications via email

Notifications also include the proof progress and status

Notifications include a summary of the review group status outlining the deadline and indicators of where each reviewer is in the proofing process along with any decisions made to that point.

Notification frequency can be adjusted at any time

Proof owners can change notification settings at any point during the proofing process, and changes are applied immediately.

Notifications keep your online proofing
process moving right along

Real time notifications
Work in real time

You don’t have to be in the proof viewer to stay up to date on new comments and replies. You can use notifications to help you decide when to jump back in.

Set timed updates as needed

You can specify hourly or daily summaries for a digest view of comments and decisions etc., combined into one email.

Provide gentle reminders

Deadline reminders can be sent to all team members with a single mouse click, another way we help keep projects on schedule.

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