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Support your omnichannel marketing strategy with a consistent review and approval process.


Create Great Customer Experiences, Across All of Your Marketing Channels


Ziflow helps retail companies execute great physical and digital customer experiences, across any channel by streamlining the review and approval process, delivering projects faster than ever before.




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Why Retail Companies Love Ziflow

Consistent Review Process for Both Physical and Digital Creative Work

Ziflow lets you standardize your review and approval processes across your customer experiences, by providing a single platform and interface for your web, print, and in-store channels.  Whether it's PDF for print or HTML5 and live websites for digital (and over 1,200 other media types), we've got you covered. 


Reduced Revisions and Rework

Our retail customers tell us that adaption and localization are a big part of their creative mix, so we make it easy to compare any two versions of a proof side by side, regardless of their original file format. Proofs are synced, so as you move around one version, the other version moves with you. This helps cut down on unnecessary versions and rework to get the job done. 


Improved Brand Consistency with Reduced Effort

The manual effort needed to collect  feedback from email attachments and PDFs takes a tremendous amount of time and is prone to error. Ziflow centralizes and standardizes the review and approval process to give brand marketing teams better visibility and control over projects. 



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Create Great Customer Experiences with Ziflow



Deliver Projects Faster

Ziflow customers experience an over-50% increase in their project delivery speed. You’ll see ROI from your first project.

One Application For All Project Types

It doesn’t matter what format your project starts or ends with - Ziflow supports over 1200 media types to ensure all of your creative can be reviewed easily.

Get Clear and Actionable Feedback

Reviewers markup and comment directly on your creative content to eliminate confusion. Act on change requests quickly and get approvals even faster.

Create More Magic

Transform how your team reviews creative content with Ziflow.

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