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July 7, 2021

The creative review and approval process is the lifeblood of any team that creates marketing or brand content. In this guide, we’ll cover the top 10 tips for building a review and approval process that streamlines decision making steps and simplifies content sharing across teams as content is developed, tracked, modified, approved, and launched.

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adweek webinar thumbnail-1 copy-min

Jun 18 2021

Creativity and campaign results are incredibly important, but your customer’s happiness with your end-to-end service is the single most important barometer of your business’s health.

If your post-project and quarterly NPS scores aren’t budging, it may be time to try some new tactics to improve client happiness.

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Apr 15 2021

Learn how to clarify reviews, get control over your markup, and make feedback faster with Ziflow's New Proof Viewer.  

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project management vs online proofing

Mar 31 2021

Online proofing and project management platforms offer several options for marketing and creative teams.  

Click thru to learn more about the differences between the two and how to pick the best solution for your team.  

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4 Ways Marketers Are Simplifying Compliance Review in 2021 nocta

Feb 24 2021

Marketers in highly-regulated industries know that when it comes time to sending creative content off for compliance review, collaboration can be a challenge.  

Trying to move and track reviews through physical document markups, email chains, and Google Docs creates a paperwork headache for the entire team--not to mention a messy audit trail across the business. 

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Jan 12 2021

Many creative teams didn’t just survive the WFH transition in 2020--they’ve turned it into a competitive advantage for their creative and client operations. 

We'll unveil the best client examples of organized high-performance remote work processes that improved the quality and speed of feedback and approvals and made their teams even more efficient and connected.

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11.30.20 Webinar Creative Production Benchmark Survey Results

Nov 30 2020

The results are in! We surveyed 100 creative leaders at major brands and agencies to understand this important question:
"What have been your biggest challenges for creative collaboration and communication planning this year?" 
This year's survey results have certainly led to great insights and interesting surprises...

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Webinar - Boutique Agency Modernizes Review Process

Oct 28 2020

Creating an exceptional user experience for design review is critical to keeping projects moving and clients happy. 

Learn how Ribbit Digital Design, a boutique design agency, has leveraged online proofing to create a streamlined creative project management and client experience that is on par with much larger agencies.

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9.30.20 Webinar - Product Release - nocta

Sep 30 2020

Every 2 weeks we come out with brand new features to make your creative life easier by streamlining the production process. We’ve received so much interest that we decided to host this webinar and walk you through these additions. See what the most advanced online proofing software looks like.

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8.25.20 Webinar - Agile Marketing for Creatives - 5 Must-Have Integrations

Aug 25 2020

In this second part of our series, we'll discuss and show examples of the most common integrations and tools our customers use every day to implement and manage their agile creative production process.

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7.28.20 Agile Marketing for creatives - Webinar Part 1

July 28 2020

Creative teams are moving toward an agile methodology to get a stronger grip on managing the wide range of projects and tasks that come with multi-channel experiences and campaigns.

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The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Compliance

Learn how to identify and monitor top risks throughout your creative production process and build a strong marketing compliance program.

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6.25.20 Webinar | Creative Produciton Benchmarks

June 25 2020

2020 has proven that content production and brand communication plans need to be as adaptable and responsive as possible. But just how “quick” is an efficient content production process? 

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5.27.20 Webinar | Automate Creative Production no cta

May 27 2020

How much faster would work get done if your team didn’t have to spend time manually formatting, sharing, and following up on creative assets?

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4.23.20 Webinar _ How Ziflow Uses Ziflow _ no cta

April 23 2020

As a 100% remote creative tech company, we get this question a lot. We’ll be pulling back the curtain on exactly how our own product, marketing, and customer teams use and configure Ziflow to easily collaborate on creative projects.

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work from home

Check out this useful guide for a quick overview on how to leverage remote work procedures, tools, and processes for marketing production.

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webinar creative production - remote collaboration 2

March 25 2020

External team members (partners, vendors, clients or agencies) and external forces (such as the Coronavirus) can pose challenges for collaborating and getting feedback on creative and marketing projects. Keep your projects on schedule with best practices including secure guest reviewing, review groups, and automated proof sharing and routing.

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Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 6.58.16 PM

February 2020

With compliance risks coming in from every corner of the marketing ecosystem, marketing compliance isn't just about trademarks and copyrights anymore. Here’s what each marketing team member should be handling in their role when it comes to compliance.

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webinar ways to keep creative marketing processes compliant

February 27 2020

Compliance doesn't have to be a burden on your marketing and creative team. Learn how to easily track and demonstrate compliance with these 4 best practices. 

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people in consumer electronics  retail store looking at latest laptop, television and photo camera to buy

Learn how consumer packaged goods retailers are using online proofing to build a modern martech infrastructure that streamlines e-commerce marketing from 360-degree product capture to approval.

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MRM Global Ziflow

Learn how the UK-based firm used online proofing with language extensions to simplify the client feedback process across geographies and expand its custom design business in new countries.

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video profing webinar no cta v2

January 2020

Streamline the video production process and make it easier for teams to collaborate on the review, markup, and approval of videos. 

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Ziflow Advent

Learn how a national creative firm used Ziflow to streamline complex design review for facilities build-outs for major professional and college sports teams.

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November 2019

See how to use a simple link and form to automatically process and route external creative content for review to the right people in your organization.

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nhs screen-1

Learn how one of the world's largest skateboard and lifestyle brands standardized product and licensing review procedures for multiple product families across time zones, countries, and languages.

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Learn how a regional agency implementing a singular solution that allows many teams to juggle numerous types of media and campaigns together.

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Learn how a large marketing agency improved video proofing and uses one solution for multimedia campaign launch across teams and client accounts.

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Read how a direct mail design team automated and improved client approvals from insertion order to final design using online proofing.

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ebook cta 2-guide to online proofing-1

January 2019

Learn how online proofing streamlines the review and approval process for all content types, allowing marketing teams to work faster with fewer mistakes.

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22 September 2019

Learn best practices in setting up your creative review and approval workflow, with Ziflow customer examples which include: Agency-client (internal-external) reviews, multi-stage approval processes, sequential and parallel reviews, and legal & compliance reviews. 

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Getting Started with Ziflow

July 2019

Learn how the Ziflow proof viewer works and how to send, review, and approve content in Ziflow.

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September 2019

There's a huge opportunity in your organization to accelerate creative project delivery, and it’s hiding in plain sight: Your creative content production, review, and approval processes.

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April 2019

We surveyed over 500 marketers to find out what their most pressing challenges were when it came to getting their creative projects completed.

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Learn how this creative technology company integrated online proofing with its content production platform to offer cutting--edge marketing services for major brands like BMW, Norwegian Air, and Hilton Hotels.

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January 2019

Learn the three areas where online proofing solutions help process-based content creators and why it's necessary for re-cooping project ROI.

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January 2017

There's a fine line between being "busy" and being "productive". Learn how to update your marketing workflows to maximize the time spent on high-value, impactful activities.

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September 2019

Online proofing has been called “the quickest win in MarTech” - most notably for its ease of use and rapid ROI from the first project completed.  Check out this webinar to learn how to best align online proofing to other MarTech solutions by following our best practices.

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