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How Splash worldwide automated multi-channel content delivery for major brands


About Splash Worldwide

Splash Worldwide is a creative technology company that unleashes creativity for everyone, everywhere. With multi-disciplinary insight, creative, production, technology, consulting and innovation teams, we collaborate with clients to create impactful content and distribute it within the right ecosystems.

With a varied client portfolio including BMW, Norwegian Air, and Hilton Hotels, Splash offers the flexibility to meet tailored requirements across a range of technology-backed services.

In addition to creating marketing content for an international audience, Splash also offers interconnected campaign support, such as image creation, automation, asset production, e-commerce, dynamic digital content campaigns, language services, and more. It’s the integrated technology platform that enables Splash to stand apart in its industry expertise and client roster.

Our internal technology stack has allowed us to work with the world’s best-known companies and brands. It’s what Splash has been, from day one really. We’ve always led with technology and creativity in our pitches.

Ben Terry, CTO Splash Worldwide


The challenge: international clients, global campaigns, legacy systems

In order to manage so many client types and different service offerings under the same umbrella, Splash wanted to innovate both its internal technology and content production platforms.

Managing multiple brands for international clients requires simplified workflows and approvals across global campaigns. Furthermore, brand campaigns often require coordination across marketing channels, geographic borders and technology suites.

Instead of relying on confusing or disconnected email threads to deliver content, the Splash team wanted to create a single, unified solution that would get campaign assets working together, simplify the approval process and power complex, global content delivery through one system.

Furthermore, the organization’s previous proofing system was a Flash-based system and lacked support for HTML, making it difficult for Splash to offer clients a modern and efficient content review environment on their browsers.

To continue serving the evolving technology needs of its diverse client base, Splash needed to move away from a legacy application to an HTML-based system that simplified content access and support across a range of media requirements.

“It is critical that we can offer these services and technologies as part of a user-friendly platform with a predictable workflow.”

Ben Terry, CTO Splash Worldwide

The solution: from online proofing to full creative collaboration

Splash chose to use Ziflow to improve its content delivery workflows for two reasons: Its flexible, HTML-based architecture simplified external client content review for modern file formats and was able to integrate directly into Splash’s content production platform. 

The energy of Ziflow’s development team for new features was really aligned with Splash’s view that technology must keep evolving to stay in front of clients feature requirements and demands.

Ben Terry, CTO Splash Worldwide

The agency now uses Ziflow’s review and proofing capabilities as a stand-alone application to expedite communication with clients. Through the content portal, Splash clients can review campaign assets in many formats for many different channels and send feedback directly to Splash’s creative and ad tech teams.

Splash also integrated Ziflow’s proofing capabilities into its creative production service platform, which originates, adapts and delivers creative content globally across all channels. This integration powers the automatic creation and distribution of multi-channel creative production and gives clients a studio production management experience.

With both stand-alone proofing capabilities and content production integration, Ziflow powers hundreds of content proofs per day. Instead of working from disjointed email threads, Splash’s clients can engage with the platform on a daily basis.

Internal and client-facing uses of Ziflow ultimately enables Splash to facilitate multi-channel campaigns for many different brands from one system.

Splash can, therefore, provide brands with a highly-valuable, personalized service by offering:

  • Enhanced review of creative content for client-specific needs.
  • Automated creation of templated creative assets.
  • End-to-end workflow management for content production.
  • A self-service creative portal. 

"Ziflow’s flexible architecture allows Splash to meet client needs with far greater agility than other online proofing systems,” said Terry. “Providing this critical infrastructure, either as a tech-only solution or as part of a wider strategy illustrates how all the elements of Splash’s business come together. That differentiates us.”

Terry notes that, in addition to these benefits, partnering with a supplier such as Ziflow that continually iterates its products, enables Splash to offer its own clients the most up-to-date platform for multi-brand content delivery at a reasonable cost.

“Deploying a production platform is critical to driving global efficiency at scale and our clients recognize that. Ziflow is committed to driving the development of their technology. In turn, this delivers enhancements to our own ecosystem, allowing us to be more flexible and cost-effective than most," said Terry.

Splash's creative content platform offers clients an integrated end-to-end production workflow

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By integrating online proofing into its content delivery platform, Splash can continue to highlight its technology services as a differentiating factor from other agencies. Instead of just creating great content, Splash can offer its clients an efficient, on-demand platform for running campaigns, reviewing and automating content delivery.

Across its client portfolio, the agency is able to:

  • Reduce costs and increase flexibility for multiple global brand campaigns.
  • Scale content production globally while improving the efficiency of content delivery.
  • Facilitate real-time client engagement and feedback.
  • Maintain brand standards across campaigns, especially for clients with multi-brand businesses.
  • Provide clients with efficiency, velocity, and scalability for multi-channel campaigns.

Deploying a production platform is critical to driving global efficiency at scale and our clients recognize that. Ziflow is committed to driving the development of their technology. In turn, this delivers enhancements to our own ecosystem, allowing us to be more flexible and cost-effective than most.

Ben Terry, CTO Splash Worldwide

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