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Innovative creative agency facilitates hundreds of daily content approvals with one platform

Innovative creative agency facilitates hundreds of daily content approvals with one platform

Splash Worldwide is a full-service creative agency that specializes in producing global marketing content for international brands. The agency’s creative services are delivered using VIVID, the agency’s innovative technology solution. The agency originates, adapts and delivers creative communications across all channels and borders, including image creation, automation, asset production, e-commerce, dynamic digital content campaigns, language services, and more.

“With Ziflow we have a user-friendly platform, with a predictable workflow, and have moved critical decisions out of confusing email threads and into a single, unified process. This allows us to be more flexible than most, as well as more cost-effective.”

Ben Terry, Chief Technology Officer of Splash Worldwide


Delivering global creative campaigns using legacy online proofing systems and email was challenging

Splash Worldwide’s client roster includes an impressive list of top-tier global brands, including BMW, Norwegian Air, and Hilton Hotels.

Global brands products - BMW, Norwegian Air, Hilton Hotels collage-1

Splash develops award-winning creative campaigns that integrate content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and paid media. A significant part of the agency's competitive differentiator is its use of cutting-edge technology.

To execute these massive global campaigns, Splash needs to create countless individual pieces of graphic design, copywriting, video production, and web design. Before Splash can launch this content, each asset needs to pass through a collaborative, contextual, and actionable review and approval process—across marketing channels, geographic borders and technology suites.

While the agency was using a creative review solution, it was an outdated Flash-based platform and unable to handle the broad range of creative assets that Splash produces. The inability to handle HTML made it difficult for Splash to offer clients a flexible and easy-to-use content review platform that would work on all browsers.

Like many brands and agencies stuck in the status quo, Splash Worldwide relied heavily on email for managing their review and approval process. This was problematic for several reasons:

  • Email didn’t allow for collaborative markup of images or video.
  • Hours were spent scrolling through hundreds of emails in search of a specific piece of feedback or sign-off.
  • Parallel and contradictory versions of the same documents were often created.

To meet the growing demands of their client base, Splash looked for a creative collaboration platform that would help them to execute campaigns more effectively.

“Clients shouldn’t be deciding key elements of expensive, high- profile campaigns based on what they are able to glean from confusing email threads.” 

Creative content review team cooperation in Ziflow-1

A single platform to review and approve any creative content

Splash selected Ziflow as its creative collaboration platform. Ziflow gives Splash a cutting edge platform for review and approval of any creative asset. It provides powerful workflow capability to streamline and automate routing of those assets for approval. It also integrates seamlessly with Splash's VIVID technology solution. This gives Splash’s VIVID clients access to Ziflow functionality as part of VIVID’s powerful toolset.

The agency was able to seamlessly migrate tens of thousands of existing assets into Ziflow. This ensured that neither Splash nor their clients missed a beat when it came to review and approval of in-flight campaigns.

Splash now uses Ziflow with hundreds of creative assets daily. The agency’s clients can look at campaign assets of any type in a single portal, and send their feedback directly to Splash's creative and ad tech teams. It’s a quantum leap from legacy proofing and confusing and disjointed email threads.

Stages of online proofing review process - created new version, approved, leaving feedback-3

Faster project delivery, reduced cost, and a simplified approval process

Thanks to Ziflow, Splash is now able to provide its clients with a one-stop platform that facilitates:

  • Collaborative discussions
  • Fast approvals
  • Accurate annotations and comments
  • Templates for any workflow
  • Version comparisons
  • Easy tracking

Splash can now serve its clients with efficiency, speed, and scalability for multi- channel campaigns and reduce costs and increase flexibility.

“Deploying a production platform is critical to driving global efficiency at scale and our clients recognize that. Ziflow is committed to driving the development of their technology. In turn, this delivers enhancements to our own ecosystem, allowing us to be more flexible and cost-effective than most.”

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