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Copperwing fosters internal collaboration for multi-format design campaigns


About Copperwing

Copperwing is a multi-service creative agency that marries smart design with brand strategy across many different marketing channels. Serving clients across Alabama and the entire Southeast out of its Montgomery-based office, Copperwing’s expertise encompasses brand development, web design, motion design and more for campaigns ranging from product launches and fundraising campaigns to community outreach and rebranding efforts.

The challenge: improving creative collaboration in a large agency

Like many design and branding agencies, staying ahead of the curve by offering new digital media formats and marketing technologies remains the key to Copperwing’s growth and ability to offer exceptional, innovative concepts for each client. The agency’s creative directors, graphic designers, copywriters, web development, and digital communication experts must all work closely together to ensure every piece of creative communicates an authentic voice, emotional connection, and modern style for each brand.

“Reviewing and critiquing content is probably the most centralized thing that we do as creative professionals. It’s the heart of collaboration,” explains Copperwing’s Partner and Creative Director, Angela Stiff. 

Diversified media formats also require Copperwing to maintain even stronger internal controls around brand language to ensure that branding is consistent and compliant across every channel and campaign type. At the same time, branding review for multiple media formats can’t slow down the launch of those assets, which often dictate quicker turnarounds for client delivery.

Before using Ziflow's creative collaboration and online proofing, the agency found it difficult to confirm that the entire creative team was on the same page about the status of each project. Without one central place to collaborate on content design, team members spent valuable time managing new versions for each instance of feedback.

We were really becoming fatigued with rerouting assets to make minor corrections. We wanted to save time and find an automated way to track feedback.

Angela Stiff, Creative Director

The solution: single platform for internal creative collaboration

After finding Ziflow through an online search, Stiff decided to implement creative collaboration and proofing for Copperwing’s internal creative review. 

Right away, she noticed a major increase in the amount of interaction and collaboration taking place among the agency’s creative team throughout the content production process. Ziflow’s versioning options, side-by-side comparison, and staged notifications provided Copperwing’s branding team with an accurate, constant view into the current work status of projects at all times--and invaluable with an on-the-go team serving clients over a wide geographical region.

The best part is that everyone is looking at the same proof version at the same time. It’s easy for everyone to see the stage the project is in and who’s court it’s in, too. We can also do this remotely so when someone is out of the office, work continues to flow perfectly.

Angela Stiff, Creative Director

Having one content system that can support many different types of file formats made it possible for all of Copperwing’s employees to provide their insights simultaneously while ensuring that all elements of a campaign still adhere to brand goals.

“There are different types of data and resources managed by people in different roles. Ziflow brings everyone to the “table” to share their expertise each from a unique vantage point,” said Stiff.

Implementing a singular marketing solution that meets the needs of many different employees can be a gamble for an agency that juggles numerous types of media and campaigns. However, with Ziflow’s ease of use, adding online proofing into the creative team’s toolset was a seamless process for Copperwing.

"Like any change, we were not sure if the system would blend into our workflow well or not," said Stiff. "We’ve been pleasantly surprised about how much we rely on Ziflow to share information."


Copperwing uses Ziflow to approve multiple types of campaigns and formats across teams.

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Copperwing uses Ziflow to approve a huge variety of campaign assets for its clients, from digital ads to event advertisements and social media campaigns.

  • Increased internal interaction among copy, design, digital, and client services experts throughout campaign planning and launch.
  • Provided the entire creative team with simultaneous review and markup capabilities for faster content creation.
  • Reduced the number of versions that needed to be created, routed, and tracked for approval.

Like any change, we were not sure if the system would blend into our workflow well or not. We’ve been pleasantly surprised about how much we rely on Ziflow to share information.

Angela Stiff, Creative Director

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