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10 best Slack integrations for creative teams

13 min read
Aaron Marquis

There’s a reason why Slack has become a verb — it’s one of the best messaging tools out there for businesses and creatives. If your creative ops is using Slack, you’ve already fought half the battle for clear communication among your team. But as we all know, the creative world moves quickly, and the need for fresh, exceptional content never ceases. Any lapse in communication sets your team up for potential failure.

Here’s what we think: Slack is a tried and tested tool, but its capabilities are cosmic when paired with creative tools optimized for the platform. Choose a lackluster integration, and you could get a middle-of-the-road experience from both platforms.

Integrating Slack with other essential tools can smooth out common hurdles, like getting through reviews and approvals or effective creative collaboration. By bringing the right tools into your creative ops with Slack, you’re not just keeping up — you’re streamlining your creative processes. Let’s look at some of the need-to-have creative ops integrations that fit perfectly with Slack.

What we'll cover

Collaborative proofing integrations

If your creative team already uses Slack for most communication, why not amplify its power with the right collaborative proofing integrations? These integrations give you the ability to collect instant feedback and updates directly within the platform. This means reduced delays, in-sync team members, and an accelerated creative review process.


Ziflow and Slack integration - Slacks interfgace with Ziflow channel and the message

Ziflow is an authority in online proofing, celebrated for its innovative approach and user-centric design. It's a platform where simplicity combines with sophisticated functionality, offering a suite of tools designed by and for creators. 

The integration of Ziflow with Slack brings essential project notifications directly into a platform where teams already communicate and collaborate daily. Creative teams stay connected, guaranteeing that team members are consistently updated on the review process without having to leave their chat tool. Approvals are also sped up with automated reminders and updates.

Integration features

  • Automatically informs team members in Slack when new proofs are ready for review, including direct links to the proofs.
  • Sends alerts via Slack when proofs are updated, commented on, or when new stakeholders are added, helping keep all relevant team members in the loop.
  • Notifies team members when decisions are made on proofs, such as when a proof stage is completed or when final approval is granted.

Pricing Structure

Ziflow offers a free version with unlimited assets and reviewers. Paid plans start at $199 per month for 15 users and enterprise pricing is available upon request.


Zapier and Slack integration message uster interface

Zapier is basically a digital fixer for your workflow, connecting and automating tasks across over 6,000 apps and services without the need for a developer. You can quickly set up Interfaces, Tables, and Zaps—Zapier's term for automated workflows—to expedite virtually any task.

The integration of Zapier with Slack simplifies your creative team’s communication, aligns tasks, and automates notifications, which can really give your efficiency and responsiveness a boost.

Integration features

  • Automatically post updates from apps like Google Sheets and Google Calendar directly into Slack channels.
  • Send notifications or entire email contents from tools like Gmail into Slack, ensuring that all team members are on the same page.
  • Share updates from CRM platforms like Salesforce and HubSpot directly within Slack, enhancing customer relationship management with immediate accessibility.
  • No-Code Automation: Utilize Zapier’s no-code platform to create custom workflows that trigger Slack messages, enhancing productivity without needing developer resources.


Zapier offers a free version with limited features. Paid plans start at $19.99 per user per month.

Project management integrations

Project management integrations for Slack transform how creative teams handle their projects by bringing essential project updates and communications directly into their daily workflow. If your team is constantly juggling multiple deadlines and deliverables, these integrations mean that important information is shared instantly and transparently within Slack, reducing the need to switch between applications.


Asana and Slack in-app channel messages view

Asana is like the Swiss Army knife of project management tools, and it's got a special spot in the hearts of many creative teams. It’s a great enterprise-ready project management tool, especially with its many robust integrations with widely used software. Asana is intuitive, streamlined, and boasts great user support.

The Slack integration with Asana is a powerful tool for creative teams, streamlining how they convert conversations into structured tasks and projects within Asana, directly from Slack. This integration ensures that no idea or task gets lost in the shuffle of daily communications and helps keep projects moving forward.

Integration features

  • Convert Slack messages into Asana tasks, assign them to team members, and add them to projects with just a few clicks.
  • View Asana tasks, projects, milestones, and more directly in Slack. Receive real-time updates on task progress, including new tasks, completions, and comments.
  • Comment on tasks and mark them complete without leaving Slack.
  • Use AI from Asana Intelligence to summarize tasks directly in Slack, providing quick insights into project status and key takeaways.


Asana offers a free version with basic features. Paid plans start at $10.99 per user per month and enterprise pricing is available upon request.


Trello and Slack integration user interface in-app view

Trello is a project management platform designed to keep all your tasks, teammates, and tools in one organized place, even if your team is scattered across different locations. It uses a visual board layout composed of lists and cards that allow users to track the progress of tasks from initiation to completion. Trello's simple structure is good for individuals managing personal projects, small teams coordinating daily activities, and large organizations needing to oversee complex workflows. 

Similar to Asana, Trello’s Slack integration can convert creative conversations into structured tasks and projects, directly from Slack. Ideas and comments won’t slip through the cracks, and projects can stay on track. 

Integration features

  • Create Trello cards directly from Slack, eliminating the need to switch between apps and maintaining focus on discussions.
  • Shared Trello links in a Slack channel, it automatically displays details like members involved, descriptions, and recent comments, providing quick context without leaving Slack.
  • Manage Trello card details such as due dates, card memberships, and subscriptions directly from Slack, ensuring that project updates are easy and immediate.
  • Attach Slack conversations to Trello cards, making it simple to keep track of discussion threads relevant to specific tasks or projects.


$5 per user per month

Creative tool integrations

Connecting powerful design platforms like Adobe Creative Cloud and Figma with Slack promotes real-time collaboration and feedback, directly in the chat interface where many day-to-day interactions occur. You can speed up your design process by making it more interactive, but also keep everyone on the same page without the need to constantly switch between applications.

Adobe Creative Cloud


Adobe Creative Cloud is a comprehensive suite of applications and services that offers industry-leading tools for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography, and more. Designed for creative professionals including designers, photographers, filmmakers, and animators, Adobe Creative Cloud provides the tools necessary to produce cutting-edge creative work.

Integrating Adobe Creative Cloud with Slack benefits creative teams by enhancing collaboration, streamlining feedback loops, and ensuring that projects progress swiftly and efficiently.

Integration features

  • Receive updates directly in Slack when changes are made to files, comments are added, or tasks are updated in Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Share links to Adobe Creative Cloud assets within Slack, allowing team members to access and review materials directly from the conversation.
  • Collect feedback through Slack and automatically sync it with the relevant files in Adobe Creative Cloud, ensuring that all comments and suggestions are consolidated and actionable.
  • Automate routine communications and updates around project milestones, revisions, and approvals, reducing manual effort and focusing on creativity.


Single apps start at $9.99 per month. $59.99 for all apps.


Figma and Slack integration user interface with message window

Figma helps designers work together seamlessly in creating and prototyping designs, with Dev Mode bringing design and development close together. Figma’s features like reusable assets and interactive whiteboards like FigJam create a cohesive environment for both design ideation and execution. It’s particularly valuable for teams in web design, mobile app development, and product design, making it a staple in modern creative workflows.

Integrating Figma with Slack takes collaboration a step further by connecting design workflows directly with communication channels.

Integration features

  • Keep the team updated with real-time notifications for comments, edits, and approvals directly within Slack.
  • Convert Slack messages into Figma tasks, allowing for seamless transitions from discussion to action.
  • Access Figma links within Slack to view project details instantly, improving response times and decision-making.
  • Attach relevant Slack conversations to Figma cards, ensuring all contextual discussions are linked and accessible.
  • Set up custom Slack alerts for specific project milestones or updates in Figma, ensuring everyone on the team is aligned and informed.


Figma offers a free version with basic features. Paid plans start at $12 per seat per month.

Collaborative discussion integrations

Integrating collaboration tools like Zoom and Donut with Slack transforms how teams interact, discuss, and refine ideas. These integrations bridge the gap between casual chat and structured meetings. It means every brainstorming session or spur-of-the-moment discussion can be swiftly turned into a video call or organized chat.


Zoom and Slack integration interface and meeting view

Zoom is a widely used video conferencing tool that enables individuals and organizations to conduct virtual meetings, webinars, and live chats. It caters to businesses of all sizes, educational institutions, and even casual users looking to stay connected with family and friends. It supports video conferencing, voice calls, and real-time messaging, and is essentially the go-to platform for anyone needing an efficient and reliable way to communicate remotely.

The integration of Zoom with Slack can significantly enhance the productivity and connectivity of creative teams. It’s particularly beneficial for creative teams who often juggle multiple projects and require frequent, spontaneous meetings to keep creativity flowing and projects moving forward.

Integration features

  • Start a Zoom meeting directly from Slack with a simple command, enabling spontaneous video calls to discuss creative ideas.
  • Schedule Zoom meetings from within Slack and share invites with team members.
  • Generate and share Zoom meeting links automatically in Slack, making it easy for team members to join meetings with a single click.
  • Receive updates in Slack when a meeting is starting, so team members never miss out.


Zoom offers a free version. Paid plans start at $15.99 for 1-9 users.


Donut and Slack integration channel interface

Donut is a powerful tool designed to supercharge engagement within teams by automating essential people programs like onboarding, peer mentorship, and more. It’s aimed at organizations looking to level up their operations and culture, and operates seamlessly within Slack to encourage interactions among team members.

Integration features

  • Connects team members for one-on-one meetings with automated introductions.
  • Initiates engaging discussions on various topics to break the ice and encourage informal communication among team members.
  • Recognizes and celebrates milestones and achievements of users with its celebrations feature.
  • Allows teams to tailor interactions according to their specific needs, whether for onboarding, training, or just casual discussions.
  • Syncs with Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) like Workday and BambooHR to seamlessly manage team data and facilitate connections based on roles, anniversaries, or other key dates.


Donut has a free version with up to 24 users. Paid plans start at $99 per month.

File sharing and digital asset management (DAM) integrations

File sharing and Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems integrations with Slack ensure that files and resources are readily accessible within the chat space your creative team is already using. It stops the need to switch between platforms to access or share creative assets, meaning creative ops can stay focused on creative tasks without disruption.


Dropbox and Slack integration user interface view

Dropbox is a renowned cloud storage service that allows users to save files online and sync them across various devices. Designed for individuals and businesses alike, Dropbox makes file sharing and collaboration simple. It's a must-have for teams needing a centralized location to store, access, and manage documents, media, and other content crucial to their projects.

Integrating Dropbox with Slack means team members have immediate access to the latest versions of files directly from their communication platform. This integration significantly aids in maintaining the flow of creative processes without the interruption of switching apps to access files.

Integration features

  • Share a Dropbox link in Slack to automatically display a rich preview of the file content, allowing team members to view the information without leaving the conversation.
  • Receive notifications in Slack when files are added or updated in Dropbox, keeping everyone on the team up to date with the latest changes.
  • Find and share Dropbox files directly from Slack, leveraging Slack’s search capabilities to locate specific items in your Dropbox account.
  • Manage who in your Slack workspace can view or edit the files shared from Dropbox to maintain control over sensitive content.


Starts at $16.58 per month.

Google Drive

Google Drive and Slack integration in app view window

Google Drive is another cloud-based storage solution that allows users to save files online and access them anywhere from any connected device. It serves a broad audience, from individual users looking to store personal files securely in the cloud to businesses needing to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. 

The integration of Google Drive with Slack is a win for creative teams, bridging the gap between communication and document management. Team members get immediate access to the most current documents without leaving their communication hub.

Integration features

  • Receive notifications in Slack when documents are modified, commented on, or shared, helping keep all team members aligned with the latest changes.
  • Access and share Google Drive files directly within Slack, enabling quick reviews and edits without switching between apps.
  • Preview shared Google Drive documents directly within Slack to get a quick glimpse of the content before opening the full document.
  • Manage file permissions from within Slack, ensuring that only the right people have the right access to sensitive files.
  • Find Google Drive files by name or content directly from Slack, making it easy to reference and share work without leaving the platform.


Basic. 100 GB. $1.99 / month

Streamline creative workflows with Ziflow’s Slack integration

Ziflow’s integration with Slack offers creative teams a powerful solution for enhancing their project workflows and communication. By combining Ziflow’s robust proofing capabilities with Slack's dynamic communication platform, teams get peace of mind knowing their feedback and approval processes are managed swiftly and as efficiently as possible. 

This integration helps reduce approval roadblocks and keeps everyone on the same page through real-time updates and notifications directly within their preferred communication platform. Ultimately, Ziflow’s Slack integration enables creative teams to maintain high productivity and collaboration, ensuring that projects move forward seamlessly and that deadlines are met with quality results. This tool is essential for any creative team looking to optimize their operations and produce exceptional work in a competitive market.

See what Ziflow’s Slack integration can do for your creative ops.

Power up your review and approval workflow with Slack and Ziflow

Combine your favorite messaging tool with Ziflow's leading proofing platform and turbocharge your creative workflow!

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