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Product release: review and approve multiple rich media assets in one proof

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Erik Mansur

In today’s world of hyper-busy consumers with short attention spans, flat, static, and boring online ads are easily ignored. Target audiences want to be entertained. It’s why so many more brands are leveraging rich media for their campaigns, creating motion-based formats that demand awareness via scroll-stopping visuals.

The problem with delivering a rich media campaign that reaches as many potential customers as possible is, as always, formats and sizing. In order to get the widest reach possible, you may be forced to develop 10+ different versions of the same creative depending on the display network, adjusted for the various rectangles and skyscrapers and banners. 

Getting comments from your stakeholders on 10 different files (which all look generally the same) can cause headaches, too. Consider how challenging it can be to get approval on one file, let alone a half-dozen or more. Getting the appropriate feedback to get a multi-format rich media campaign off-the-ground was tedious and time-consuming—that is, until today.

Merge rich media assets

Ziflow is excited to announce a new feature that will help alleviate those pains: the ability to review multiple rich media assets all in one proof. Perfect for gathering feedback about a single creative project that’s spread across a wide range of sizes and formats, your stakeholders can now view your entire campaign in one proof—and in full motion.


With this update, reviewers can easily compare different sizes and resolutions—and offer feedback and approval—for all of the assets in a single window. Ziflow’s commenting engine makes it easy for a stakeholder to indicate if only one of the banners needs a change, or if there’s a recurring element that needs adjustment across all of the rich media files. 

Once the changes are made, the ultimate decision maker can put their “approved” stamp on the entire campaign, increasing the speed at which you can leverage these exciting ad formats and get those highly interactive banners in front of your attention-strapped audiences.

The merge rich media assets feature is available today for customers on our Enterprise pricing plan.

Want to know more? Get in touch with our team at to learn more about how Ziflow’s ongoing innovation can help you to deliver exceptional creative, faster.

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