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Ziflow announces block-chain based proofing; ICO in the works

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Mike Puterbaugh

We’re excited to announce that we’ve decided to disrupt the online proofing market and update our product architecture to deliver our solution via blockchain technology.

As far as we can tell - and this is still being confirmed by both blockchain and alt-coin thought-leaders (which we found on Twitter) - this means we continue to be a SaaS provider of online proofing, but now it is delivered via a blockchain, which is more meaningful.     

Just yesterday, Ziflow was the industry’s first choice when it came to a focused, dedicated online proofing system.  Today, we’re a company planning our Initial Coin Offering (ICO), that also offers online proofing, along with whatever else you can do on the blockchain.  We’re also investigating writing contracts on the blockchain, which most likely means we’ll be disrupting the word processing market soon as well.  (Sign up for our blog below to learn when you can ditch Microsoft Word!)

What is online proofing delivered via the blockchain?
Online proofing, as it stands today, allows marketers and creative teams to share and collect feedback more efficiently, and is a vast improvement over traditional ad-hoc feedback methods such as email, printouts, or hallway conversations. The primary advantage Ziflow has over those outdated methods is the centralization of feedback in a single location and the increased precision/effectiveness of that feedback.

Now all proofs, comments, markups, and decisions will utilize blockchain technology, also via the web. We really don’t have any more information than that at this time.

There are no reliable studies yet to refer to, but we believe that blockchain-based online proofing systems are 406% more effective  than email, hard copy printouts, and post-it notes, when it comes to providing feedback on creative content. These numbers, which we just made up, are tough to ignore.

Here are a few quotes from industry experts:

Scott Brinker, VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot; Editor at; Program Chair of MarTech:
“I honestly thought the MarTech 5000 landscape supergraphic would be the pinnacle of describing just how active and vibrant the marketing technology space has become.  With this new development, moving online proofing to the blockchain, we’ve already begun investigating how to make the graphic five-dimensional (5D). Sadly, this will probably break PowerPoint.” 

Our Founder and CEO, Mat Atkinson
“Frankly, I regret not doing this sooner.  Taking online proofing and putting it on a blockchain has opened up our total available market to anyone with a Google alert set for the terms “blockchain” or “ICO”, which according to our analytics is half the planet. Granted, we haven’t worked out exactly how proofs get distributed to the blockchain, or what they do while they’re on it, but we’re excited at the opportunity it affords.  Whatever that is.”

Our Founder and CTO, Anthony Welgemoed
“We haven’t had a single customer ask us to offer online proofing via blockchain technology, so obviously we’re way ahead of the demand curve in anticipating customer needs, which is exciting. Once our customers set up their proof-mining rigs and begin to receive their online proofs in increments, we’re fairly certain their reaction will be powerful.”

How we think it will all work


We're still working on some of the finer points of the transformation of comments, markups, replies, and decisions from hashes into a proof. We expect that actual code will eventually replace the magic wands shown in the diagram above. Or maybe not.  

Initial coin offering imminent
Soon, we’ll be announcing the timing and terms of our ICO. Reviewers of online proofs will begin earning coins for comments and markups immediately. Coins can be saved up and used to pay for overruling other users feedback, or deciding a piece of content is “good enough."

To start a trial of Ziflow Online Proofing delivered via the Blockchain, click here.

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