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New product updates: February 2020

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by Anthony Welgemoed

12 February 2020

Our latest product release is now live. Highlights for this release include auto-inspection for video proofing and new options in the measurement tool. Read on to learn more!

Auto-Inspection for Video Proofing

When reviewing video assets, it’s often difficult to assess the small differences like text or color changes between old and new cuts of the same video. We’ve now introduced a video comparison feature that automatically highlights in color the differences between two versions of a video proof.


New Measurement Tool Options

Measuring the size of a proof during review is critical to accurately determining if an asset will meet print layout, screen playback, and other formatting needs. We’ve enhanced the measurement tool to go beyond manual resizing to show asset dimensions and allow users to enter a preferred height or width.


Other Highlights

  • API Updates
    • /User request is now extended with pagination
  • Stability and performance updates

These new capabilities are live in the product now. Current customers and those on 14-day trials can start taking advantage of them right away.

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