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#ZiflowHowTo: Video Proofing with Ziflow

by Mike Puterbaugh

7 November 2017

Ziflow supports a wide range of file types to help you and your team tackle all types of creative projects - including video. All of Ziflow's markup and annotation tools are available while collaboratively reviewing videos and so are all the great commenting and feedback capabilities that streamline the entire review and approval process.   

How it works:

Reviewing your video projects with Ziflow has all the same great benefits as when you review creative content like PDFs, native design files like AI and PSD files, Office Documents and web pages. You and your team no longer need to send emails with imprecise feedback with approximations of where in the video you're providing comments. 

Benefits of using Ziflow for video proofing:

  • Speed up project delivery with a centralized approach to sharing and collecting video project feedback
  • Share large (even massively large) video files in an instant
  • Invite team members (internal and external) into your video proofing projects easily 
  • Get specific, actionable feedback with time coded comments and annotations, directly on a frame

For even greater detail on how to use our online proofing solution for video, please visit our help center, where you'll find an entire library of helpful articles helping you get the most out of Ziflow.  

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