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How to create a new proof in Ziflow

2 min read
Katie Oberthaler

Ziflow streamlines the review and approval of creative content to help you deliver your marketing projects faster, by improving your team's collaboration, centralizing feedback and eliminating manual steps through automated workflow.

Once you've signed up for Ziflow, you're on your way to replacing email, printouts and other ad-hoc methods for reviewing your creative content.

The first step in that journey is creating a new proof. 

How it works: 

Ziflow provides an intuitive user interface, complete with a proof wizard to walk you through the new proof process. Once you upload our proof and identify your review group, Ziflow will do the rest, quickly processing your content and notifying your team that a new proof is ready for review.   

Benefits of online proofing:

  • Speeds up project completion via more efficient collaboration on content  
  • Eliminates email as a feedback channel, providing a centralized location for feedback and comments
  • Cuts down on unnecessary versions and errors caused by poor version control
  • Saves costs associated with unrecoverable rework, due to missed or misunderstood feedback  
  • Drive greater compliance by ensuring key stakeholders are involved every step of the way 

We'll be adding more how-to videos for our online proofing application soon. You can find them here on our blog, or on social media, by searching #ZiflowHowT

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