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Product Release: Automate updates in ClickUp with our latest turnkey integration

1 min read
Katie Spurkeland

Ziflow puts creative collaboration everywhere you already are through integrations with leading tech vendors. Our ever-growing provider ecosystem has expanded to include ClickUp,  a cloud-based project management tool that helps businesses of all sizes collaborate with team members in real time. 

Search clickup task, create clickup task, update clickup task custom field value, search clickup list, comment clickup task - options to choose

Agencies and brands that use the Ziflow’s integration with ClickUp can:

    • Automate creation of new tasks. Create a proof in Ziflow to automatically trigger a new project in ClickUpfunctionality that eliminates manual steps in project management.
    • Create alignment. Cross-functional teams that make ClickUp a part of their daily processes now get real-time status updates in their project management dashboard. Automated updates ensure that engineering, development, creative, marketing and other ClickUp users stay on the same page without the need to manually update progress.
    • Streamline project management. Organized feedback, version control and custom workflows made possible by Ziflow automatically trigger task updates in ClickUp. These real-time updates ensure that projects maintain momentum from start to finish. 

Learn more about Ziflow Connect and supported integrations on, or at

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