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New product updates: July 2020

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Anthony Welgemoed

Our latest product release is now live. With this release, we’ve added new options for late proof reminders, custom timeout settings, and more. Keep reading to learn about these new features!

New Options for Late Proof Reminders

Automated reminders about late proofs reduce approval delays, but many organizations don’t need or want to send reminders to reviewers every single day. To better align automated reminders with specific deadline requirements, we’ve expanded the frequency options for late proof reminders from 24 hours to up to 7 days. Administrators can now choose to send late proof reminders every 7 days or more frequently, depending on turnaround preferences.


Sort Upload Files Alphabetically

To help users organize uploaded files on combined proofs, we’ve added a button that enables reviewers to quickly sort the proof upload list alphabetically.


View Reviewer’s Decision Date from SOCD Status

Being able to easily see a reviewer’s decision date and time helps proof owners and project managers act quickly on proof decisions. To make this information more visible, the reviewer’s decision date now appears when hovering on the “D” in the reviewer’s SOCD status indicator.


Custom Session Timeout Settings

Administrators are now able to change the web session length for all users in their account from our standard 60 minutes. You can set these from anywhere from 30 minutes right up to 24 hours.


Folder Navigation Enhancements

To enable users to move more easily between proofs and folders, we’ve made our folder breadcrumbs interactive. Users can now click on the folder breadcrumb to navigate to that particular folder.


Other Highlights

  • The thumbnail ratio in all proof-related emails is reworked.
  • “Stage” filter has been updated to exclude “Not Started” stages and “Processing” proofs
  • Export to PDF does not include deleted comments and their replies
  • The Timezone list is sorted by time zones
  • Zibots Updates
    • The Zibot menu will be renamed to “Connect” for better clarity.
    • For easier Zibot Webhook creation, Zibot bodies will be validated to match JSON format standards. Soft validation will enable Webhooks to be saved even if they contain different body formatting.
    • We’ve made it easier to search an option in a single select custom field on an intake form by showing all options that contain the provided text in the search.

These new capabilities are live in the product now. Current customers and those on 14-day trials can start taking advantage of them right away.

If you haven't yet tried Ziflow, there's no better time to check out the industry's best online proofing solution.


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