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New product updates: April 2020

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Anthony Welgemoed

Our latest product release is now live. Highlights for this release include new folder sharing options, the ability to mask comments on public proofs, and more. Read on to learn more!

New Folder Sharing Options

Most teams need a way to properly separate different groups of people working on different projects, especially in organizations with a large volume of client projects. To further support enterprise project organization, sharing, and security, we’ve expanded the permission settings and sharing rights of folders. It’s now possible to:

  • Share sub-folders: Instead of sharing top-level folders, folder owners can choose to share only specific sub-folders with different users.
  • Set per-user permissions: We’ve also added the option to set different per-user permissions for each user on a folder, allowing creative teams to further control information access at the folder level.


Mask Proof Comments On Public URLs

When sending a proof outside of the organization, external reviewers often don’t need or shouldn’t have access to all of the comments on proofs. To further improve the internal-external review process, administrators can now disable the visibility of comments on proofs opened from Public URLs. This setting will mask comments on all public proof links.


Other Highlights:

  • We’ve removed the 24-hour time limit on recalling a user’s Proof Viewer settings between proof usage. Now, settings can be remembered indefinitely between opening and closing proofs, including:
    • Dark mode
    • Compare mode new version side
    • Comment layout
    • Pins visibility
    • Avatars visibility

These new capabilities are live in the product now. Current customers and those on 14-day trials can start taking advantage of them right away.

If you haven't yet tried Ziflow, there's no better time to check out the industry's best online proofing solution.

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