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Ziflow keeps your review and approval projects organized with folders

1 min read
Mike Puterbaugh

The rate at which new marketing projects and campaigns are being requested today doesn’t allow for any wasted time. This means organization of your work is a must. With our most recent release of Ziflow we’ve delivered our new folder functionality to just do that, help you keep your projects and proofs organized.

Whether you are managing a high volume of proofs for multiple projects or simply need some assistance keeping your proofs organized, the newly released folders within Ziflow can help.

The best folder structure is the one that is easily adapts to the way you work. Whether you prefer to manage your creative projects by time span, project type or even theme, Ziflow's folders are flexible enough to accommodate your workflow.


Additionally with Ziflow folders, you can:

  • Create or move proofs into any folder
  • Nest folders within folders
  • Set whether a folder is private (only to be used by you) or public (any user in your account can create proofs in this folder)
  • Quickly determine which proofs within each folder are in progress, late, or completed

You can try out our new folders capabilities by checking out a free trial of Ziflow here.

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