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Product release: Proof subscriptions boost self-service collaboration

1 min read
Katie Oberthaler

We continuously search for ways to streamline the review process in Ziflow and make the jobs of creators and reviewers easier. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new proof subscriptions feature. 

This self-serve feature empowers reviewers to subscribe to proofs and follow content progress from start to finish and stay up-to-date with all comments, version changes, and more.

Proof subscriptions ensures all reviewers have access to the right content without waiting for administrative configuration. Review bottlenecks can occur when relevant reviewers and stakeholders aren’t included on proofs or informed of content changes. Manually entering reviewers to a proof can also be an error-prone or repetitive task, particularly if the same group of reviewers typically give feedback on creative assets. 

Now, when a proof creator enables a proof subscription on a project, reviewers and stakeholders can directly add themselves to the proof without needing the proof owner to do it manually. 

The proof subscriptions feature is now available on Starter, Business & Enterprise plan.

Want to know more? Get in touch with our team at to learn more about how Ziflow’s ongoing innovation can help you to deliver exceptional creative, faster.

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