Proofing Videos in Ziflow

    Summary:  Understanding the Proof Viewer when working on video files will enable you to navigate, zoom and understand the available functionality inside the Proof Viewer. This document is a great starting point for any new users to Ziflow.

    Available for: Every user with “view” permission and above.

    Where is the feature applied? Every reviewer that is invited to the proof has “View” permission so this feature is turned on for every user you invite into the proof.

    How does it work?

    Video Proof Viewer is designed to look and feel exactly the same as the standard Proof Viewer inside the Ziflow. This allows to quickly onboard your users if they have already worked on any static file proofs. Obviously, there must be some differences since static and video files are not the same.

    1. Video timeline - that is semi collapsible. If you hover your mouse over it, it will appear and allow you to see frame by frame preview. Another thing that appears on the timeline are user avatars if any of the reviewers decide to comment or markup on the proof. Once you click reviewer avatar Ziflow will automatically take you to the frame where comment/markup has been made.
    2. Play/Pause - button that allows you to start and stop the video. Alternatively, for that purpose, you can hit the space bar and it will work the same as clicking play/pause button.
    3. Loop - button allows you to put a video on a loop and it will start the video automatically once it reaches the end.
    4. Volume - button that allows you to set wanted volume
    5. Switch comment/markup - those two arrows will help you to navigate through comments/markups placed inside the proof. You can press forward or backward arrow and Proof Navigator will switch the view to the place, where comment or markup was added.
    6. Timers bar - first time shows time elapse and second one total length of the video.

    Rest of the functionalities inside the Proof Viewer for videos are exactly the same as they are for static files. You can put your video in fullscreen, zoom the video, fit the video to the screen and of course add comments/markups etc

    Supporting Material: