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    FAQ: What is the difference between a user and guest?

    Users in this account, Users in other accounts and Guests are the three types of contacts you can find on the People page of your account:

    • Users in your account
    1.  Have the ability to login to Ziflow within your organization's account.
    2. Account administrators can assign different levels of permissions to users to control their ability to view and manage content within the account. Users can create/manage proofs, invite new reviewers, create Zibots and do many more.
    3. Each user invited to your Ziflow account is counted as one license (seat).
    4. Users have their own profile where they can add/edit personal information and adjust some default settings such as time-zone, notification preferences etc.
    • Users in other accounts
    1. Have their own Ziflow login in another organization's account (not your own).
    2. Such users can still be invited to a proof within your account but they won't be allowed to access your account and perform any changes there
    • Guests
    1. Do not have their own Ziflow login and are not able to log into the account.
    2. Guests can access, view, review and approve proofs that are explicitly shared with them (using URL sent in a Ziflow email). More information on sharing proofs can be found here.
    3. You can have as many guest reviewers invited to your account as you want. Guests do not count towards a seat limit.

    Please have a look at the article explaining how to invite new users/guests to your account.