Creative collaboration using Final Cut Pro

    Summary: By using our Apple Final Cut Pro plugin, video and art creators can upload a new asset or version without logging into Ziflow. Content creators can push assets to Ziflow using the plugin below without opening another tool or browser.

    Available for: every Ziflow user on all editions


    How does it work?

    First, download and install the plugin on your Mac device. Find our plugin on the Mac App Store.

    (App Store screenshot placeholder)

    Once the plugin has been installed, you can open it from a Launchpad and that will pop up an extension window in your Final Cut. Start using the plugin by authenticating inside Ziflow.  


    Before you start pushing proofs to Ziflow, select the "Add Share destination" button or choose the project destination manually by going to File -> Share in the app. 

    2021-11-15 12h45m22sgif

    Once you are authenticated in Ziflow and the destination of the asset was designated, you can submit the asset to Ziflow. Simply click on Ziflow plugin button in Final Cut, which will open Ziflow dashboard. From this level you can create a new proof/version.


    Final Cut plugin troubleshooting steps:

    If you experience any issues, we recommend deleting the plugin cache as your first step of troubleshooting:

    • Select the Finder menu > Go > Go To Folder...
    • Paste: ~/Library/Containers/
    • Delete all Ziflow folders
    • Please restart your computer to complete the process