General account settings

    General account settings which are available in your account settings let Ziflow administrators set various account adjustments. Depending on the type of your Ziflow subscription you may see different options. This article outlines all available settings on Enterprise plan (lower plans such us Basic, Starter, Business have only an option to choose your Ziflow default account language).

    1) Localization in Ziflow

    Summary: Ziflow lets you choose the default language setting for the whole account. It means that Ziflow administrators may select in the language Ziflow dashboard, Proof Viewer and email will be translated to.

    Additionally, each Ziflow user may select his/her preferable language in the profile settings. 

    Available: Feature is available in all Ziflow editions.     

    Currently supported languages:

    • English
    • Chinese
    • German
    • French
    • Japanese
    • Portuguese (Brazil)              

    Default account language

    Default language setting that can be amended by Ziflow administrators can be found at Settings -> General

    Once this option is changed to another language all below parts of the system will be translated to chosen language:

    • Dashboard
    • Proof Viewer
    • Export comments to PDF
    • Emails

    Personal profile language setting

    Users can also independently decide which language they have Ziflow translated to by amending language setting directly in their profile.

    Click on an avatar icon in the right upper corner of the Ziflow dashboard and choose “View profile” option.

    Once your profile is displayed in a sidebar, you can see that one of the listed options lets you choose a language.

    Selected your language and save the changes so the setting is applied. After this, you can start using Ziflow in your preferred language.

    2) Notice

    Summary: We now offer a notice agreement pop-up that can be modified for your usage. Administrators can configure this pop-up to include required legal information, add external links, and require reviewers to accept the terms of usage before using Ziflow.  

    Available: Enterprise edition only.

    Where is the feature setup?  

    The Notice feature is located under Settings > General

    How does it work?

    Once you enter the General settings menu inside your account main settings you will find the Notice agreement. By default, this feature is disabled, in order to enable it simply toggle the “Require notice agreement” option.

    Under the “Require notice agreement” toggle there is a text editor where you can enter the text of your Notice. There are also a couple of options that might be helpful when it comes to changing Notice content (eg. you can save Notice drafts or display how saved notice agreement will look like).

    Once your Notice agreement notice is enabled and published all users and guests will need to accept it after they open Ziflow.

    Additional information:

    • each time you change Notice agreement text, reviewers will be asked again to agree to the notice
    • Notice agreement is displayed both in Ziflow dashboard and Proof Viewer