Manually Locking and Unlocking Proofs

    Summary: The Proof Owner or reviewers that have been granted “Manage” permissions may need to lock a proof so no further comments or decisions can be made or changed. 

    (Perhaps the project has been put on hold etc.)

    Available for: Proof Owner and users with “Manage” permissions can lock or unlock the proof.

    Where is the feature setup? The feature is enabled by default for the Proof Owners and is enabled by turning on the “Manage” permission for reviewers when you set up the proof.

    How does it work?

    You can manually lock and unlock proofs in the following locations

    1. Inside the Proof Summary page: Click on the contextual menu and select Lock (or unlock if already locked)
    2. Inside the proof viewer: Click on the Padlock Icon

    When you lock the proof from any of those areas it will...

    • Prevent any comments being added
    • Prevent any replies to comments being added
    • Prevent any amendments or uploads to any existing comments or replies
    • Prevent any previously deleted comments or replies from being restored
    • Prevent decisions from being submitted, revoked or changed.  

    Additional information:

    • Option only available for proof owners and reviewers with “manage” permission

    Supporting material: