Navigating Ziflow

Proof list screen

Once you login to Ziflow you will be presented with main the Proofs view, which will often be your starting point when using Ziflow. This is where you will be creating, managing and organizing your proofs.


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Flows screen

Time-consuming repetitive tasks can be automated using Ziflow. By identifying a qualifying  event trigger and file/folder location, Ziflow Zibot’s will automate a wide range of mundane yet essential tasks such as file conversion, transcoding, delivery, etc. This screen will allow you to create, manage and control flows, significantly improving your productivity.


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* Flows functionality available only on Business & Enterprise edition

Connections screen

The Connections page is used for linking your Google Drive and Dropbox environments with Ziflow. You can also integrate Ziflow with third-party applications such as Slack and Basecamp so tasks and processes can be automated even further.


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People screen

Ziflow’s People interface is your user management center that enables you to invite new users and guests to Ziflow. Easily edit user roles, create review groups and perform all necessary actions related with user management.


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Account and profile management

This is where profile and account settings can be managed. The options listed under each user avatar will vary depending on the role that user was assigned by the account admin. For example, a person with simple user rights will be allowed to edit his/her own profile, but billing or account administration would not be allowed.


Changed your hairstyle and your avatar looks a bit outdated? Your billing details requires to be updated? Want to change your company logo? Need a shortcut to our Help Center? This all can be done from the menu under your profile avatar.

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