Flows & Connections


    Flows enable you to automate tasks on your cloud storage. A flow can be one simple task that is performed by one of our Zibots (such as creating a PDF) or a combination of tasks bundled together (such as: creating a PDF, FTPing the file & sending an email notification about that file). The flows are triggered by events such as a file moving into a certain folder on your cloud storage.


    The flow screen contains a few basic functions:

    1. Create flow - click the green button to create a new flow. For more information, see here
    2. Search - a handy tool to find the flow you are looking for very quickly. As you type in the search bar it will display the results in real time.
    3. Filters - there are two types of filters you can choose from: Created by or Status.
    4. Flow list - displays all the flows created by you and your teammates. It can be used for checking actions that have been executed by the flows. All available options can be found in this article.


    In order to create your own flows, first you need to connect your Google Drive or Dropbox account with Ziflow.


    You can link multiple accounts if you'd like:

    Third-party applications

    You may also want to integrate third-party applications such as Slack or Basecamp.


    For more information, please see the following articles: