How To - Understand Ziflow user roles and rights

Summary: It is vital to understand how Ziflow user roles work and what rights will be granted for each option. There are three available roles inside the Ziflow application and each role has it’s own rights - however, it is worth noting that you can grant multiple roles to the same user.

Available for: Roles management assignment is only available to the Ziflow Admins. Once your role has been assigned by the Admin you will have the permissions dictated by the role/s you have been assigned.

Account Owner Role: The Account Owner role is unique to the user who subscribed to Ziflow.

This role gives the user all 3 permissions listed in the table below. You cannot assign the “Team Owner” role to another user but you are able to grant users more than one role from the table below.  “Account Owner” status may be transferred to another user only by contacting Ziflow support team.

If you grant a user the rights to be a “User, Billing &  Admin” then they will effectively have full permissions inside Ziflow to match that of the Account Owner.

You can have any combination you wish eg. a “User” and “Billing” role can be assigned to a Ziflow user.

Use the table below to determine what user permissions you wish to grant to your registered Ziflow users.

User Permission Table:







Edit personal profile information

Connect to Cloud Storage or Applications

Purchase or change editions

Upgrade/downgrade the number of users in the system

Manage Ziflow users (change user roles, edit profiles)

View, add and admin all guest contacts, perform actions and bulk actions

Invite/delete users

Edit the branding panel and domain

Configure SSO settings






Access the billing window

View and collect invoices

Edit payment details


Receives all system emails regarding billing and edition upgrades






Create, edit and manage their own proofs

View, comment, add reviewers of all team members proofs (even if not invited in the proof)

View proof details in Proof Viewer

See entire proof workflow

Compare proof versions

Change proof settings: name, folder, owner, settings

Delete proofs and versions (even if not invited in the proof)

Delete and restore other reviewers comments

Delete and restore own comments

Lock/Unlock proof or versions (even if not invited in the proof)

Add/Edit/ Delete stage

Lock/Unlock stage


Archive/Unarchive proofs

Change other reviewers decision

Export comments to PDF

Create folders and private folders

(*Business plan or above only)

View, edit and delete other users private folders


Create and manage own review groups

View, edit and delete other users review groups

View public comments from the same stage and other stages

View private comments from the same stage

 View private comments from other stages

Change own email notification preferences - in Proof Viewer

Download original file - if enabled on proof

View proof custom properties

Add/Edit/Delete custom properties






*Create, edit and manage their own flows  (*Business plan or above only)

View, edit and delete other team members flows

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