Online Proofing using Adobe Premiere & After Effects

    Summary: By using our Adobe plugin your video creators won't be bothered by logging into Ziflow just to upload a new asset or its version. Video creators may now work in Adobe Premiere & After Effects without the need to open any other tool or browser. They can now simply push the asset to Ziflow by using the plugin below.

    Available for: every Ziflow user on all editions

    How does it work?

    First of all you need to download and install the plugin into your Adobe suite. You can find our plugin on Adobe Exchange website.

    Opening Plugin and accessing Ziflow

    Once the plugin is installed, you should see it in your extensions list:

    If the extension is selected then Ziflow sign in screen will appear. You can enter your credentials and you will be redirected to Ziflow dashboard:

    Proof creation

    From that point you can start publishing your work to Ziflow. Please start with pressing "Create proof" button:
    Now please select proof details before the asset is pushed to Ziflow:
    1. Folder - select a folder where the proof should be saved on Ziflow side
    2. Proof name - this is going to be a proof name on Ziflow side
    3. Quality - choose video quality
    4. Render to - select where the composition should be saved on your computer

    Once the settings are applied you can press "Create proof", which will save the render locally and then publish it in Ziflow.

    Accessing proofs through Adobe

    You can also access and review proofs using our plugin. Simply click on a proof thumbnail in your Ziflow dashboard and it will open the proof inside Proof Viewer as it would be opened in a browser.

    Within a Proof Viewer you may preview and review a proof as you would normally do it via a browser:

    There are also some options to view proof details or/and create a new proof version, if you click on a proof menu near each of the items on your dashboard.

    Supporting material: