Post decision message

    Summary: If you would like to post a message to reviewers after they submit their proof decision you can use special setting for that purpose. It displays a window with needed information for a reviewer right after a decision is submitted.

    Available: Feature is available on Business & Enterprise editions,

    Where is the feature setup?  

    The Post decision message feature is located under Settings > Proofing Settings > Decisions

    How does it work?

    By default the setting is disabled. If you would like to post some message to reviewers after they submit decision, simply enable post decision message for each type of decision you want.

    In order to enter to change or add post decision message please go to the text editor window. It will let you to compose a post decision message using various text editor options:

    Once post decision message is enabled for wanted types of decisions and text of the notification is added, then the feature is enabled and reviewers will start seeing the message after submitting their proof decisions.