Setting up an automated workflow in a proof

Summary: If you would like to create proofs where you can set up stages that have ability to start after each other, this is a feature for you. On Starter and Business edition all stages in the proof start simultaneously and control is out of your hands. When using stage automated workflow triggers you can set stage to start only when previous stage has been completed. If your review and approval process spans multiple teams inside or outside of your organization, you can now create a workflow to automate the proof routing.  

Available for: Each Ziflow user using Enterprise edition can create automated workflow proofs.

How does it work?

Once you decide to create a new proof and finish uploading a proofing file it’s time to set up proofing stages. You may configure your proof stages each time manually or you can use previously created workflow templates. Let’s say you want to have two stages in your proof and you want “Stage 2” to start after “Stage 1” is completed and you want to configure the workflow manually without using any pre-configured templates.

  1. Of course you need to start with adding Stage 2 to the proof and then adding needed reviewers to both added stages.names3
  2. If this is done you can switch to setting up proof stages triggers and settings. It can be done inside the stage options menu opened by clicking arrow button under the stage name. workflowtemplate
  3. Let’s assume that Stage 1 should start right at the moment of proof creation. We can also set when this stage should be locked: Never, Manually, When all decisions are made.template1In case of Stage 2 we want it to start when the previous stage is completed. This is why we chosed trigger ”On Stage Completion” and we also need to set which stage completion will trigger this stage. In our case we have only one stage that it can be dependant on and it’s stage number 1.template2In presented scenario Stage 2 will be started only when reviewer in Stage 1 submits his decision. Once reviewer from Stage one does it, stage will be locked (he cannot revoke his decision) and reviewer from the Stage 2 will receive notification from the system about the new proof to review.

Additional information:

  • You can easily set up any configurations of the proof, mixing stages that will have triggers and stages that will run immediately after proof creation. It is up to you how to handle proof workflows. Proof summary on the left side will always remind you the current state of the proof workflow. names5

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