What are Tokens & how are they used?

    Summary: Throughout the Ziflow application you have the opportunity to use “Tokens”. Tokens are small pieces of code that allow you to extract variable information about a file such as a username or a file location. For example, when you send an automated email you want Ziflow to pull out the file name and a link to the file and insert that information into the email message. 

    Tokens appear throughout the application (where appropriate) and you simply click on your desired token to apply it without the need for any coding skills or knowledge. Ziflow will also explain what each token does in a user-friendly manner.

    Available for: Any registered Ziflow user.

    How does it work?

    Example: A user wants to create a flow that is going to send an email notification every time a new PDF is created and stored in a particular Dropbox folder.

    As part of your flow you will use the Email Zibot and if you select the option to create a custom message for the notification (number 1 on the screenshot) and then expand a list of available tokens (number 2 on the screenshot) you can then start working on the creation of a custom message.

    If desired you can apply any of the available tokens simply by clicking on them in your subject or message box. See below for an example.

    Once this flow is saved and triggered the email message is going to be sent but the tokens you inserted are going to be translated into the actual real-time information you requested.

    Tokens are applied in real time when the flow is triggered - so it will always pull the latest and correct information.  

    Where the tokens can be found:

    • Tokens are available in the following locations:
    • Send email notification about the file Zibot
    • Rename the file Zibot
    • Create folder tree Zibot
    • Create folder Zibot
    • Send a message/file to Slack Zibot
    • Create a todo in Basecamp Zibot
    • Post message to Basecamp Message Board Zibot

    Supporting Material: