Spending time on image conversions?
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Ziflow enables controlled & automated image conversion

Convert all types of design and image files, automatically

Convert Design Files

Automatically reformat images for multi-channel requirements. AI, PSD and more to PDF, JPG, GIF, etc.

Automate your settings

Easily setup and control the input and output settings ensuring a consistent output.

Simply Drag & Drop

Take the mystery out of image conversions by allowing the users to simply “drag and drop” to achieve the required ouput.

Create Flows to Convert Design Files, Share and Notify

  • When I upload PSD files to be used in a brochure
  • Convert them all to PNG and rename them properly
  • Then create a to-do in my Basecamp team project
  • And finally, notify my team on Slack!

Save The Time Spent On Manually Converting Image Files

Automatic image conversion takes away the dangers assocaited with limited image knowledge, making bad decisions when converting files for different channels. Easily set upthe output as per your requirements and let users drag and drop in to a folder to get the required format - correct every time. 

Using Ziflow’s image conversion tools in conjunction with our other tools gives you the ability to truly automate your workflow steps eliminating error and increasing productivity.  

Ziflow image conversions

Real World Example of How Ziflow Helps

Getting web ready
You have finished a brochure and all the hi-res CMYK images now need to be RGB JPEGs for use on the website. Youcan use Ziflow to set up a flow to do the conversion automatically and then move the files to another location leaving your original images intact.

PDF to Image Files
Taking the previous example a step further, perhaps all the hi-res PDFs need to be placed on the website – you can just as easily create a flow to convert them to image format, in-fact we can even convert MS office files to image format – maybe you want your killer PowerPoint deck to be viewed as images on your website, now you can.  

Working with Photographers? 
Do you often work with a photographer who is shooting images in RAW camera format? You may want to keep the original RAW images in-case you need to revert back but you need a copy in Tiff format so you can retouch them in Photoshop. To accomplish this, you can easily build a flow to automatically copy the uploaded files to another location (leaving the RAW files untouched) and then automatically convert the images to Tiff (or any other format), then automatically sending you and team members a notification that the files are ready to work on. 

Supported Image Files

  • AI
  • PSD
  • PDF
  • MS Office (PPT, DOC, XLS)
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • TIFF

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