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Learn how Ziflow works right inside Final Cut Pro for accelerated video production

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Accelerate Review and Approval
By centralizing feedback (comments, markups, replies) on the video asset itself, as opposed to managing email threads, our customers see immediate benefits including, greater clarity and visibility into the review and approval process, improved status tracking and stronger version control and version comparisons.
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Frame-accurate and
range-based comments

Make and view frame accurate comments and annotations using Ziflow's viewer that supports thousands of video formats, including all of the most popular Final Cut Pro output formats. Comments can be made on a single frame of the video or use our range-based comments that span multiple frames. Range based comments are great for pointing out changes that involve a longer scene.

Compare any version side-by-side
As with other file formats, Ziflow allows for Final Cut Pro project versions to be reviewed side-by-side.
This is useful for reviewing historical changes to video projects over time.
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Rapid Upload Speeds
and Encoding

Ziflow's media processing speeds are second to none. You and your team will be kicking off new video review and approval projects in a matter of minutes, not hours. Simply export your Final Cut Pro project and drag it into Ziflow and you're ready to start collecting feedback, effortlessly.

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Deliver your video projects faster
SOC II Compliance. Standard.

Ziflow's internal controls have been audited and validated to ensure the security and availability of our services and your content.


Ziflow's real-time collaboration goes beyond just comments., with markups, replies, attachments to comments, etc.

No Need to Chase Reviewers

Ziflow’s automated reminders and notifications will drive accountability and action.

Create More Magic

Don’t let the review process slow your video projects down. Create a Ziflow account today!

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