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ZIflow is the industry's leading enterprise proofing software. Produce higher quality ad designs faster with fewer errors, versions, and revisions using our centralized ad proofing platform.

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Ad Proofing & Design Review for Every Campaign Stage

Unlike other ad proofing platforms, Ziflow offers sophisticated review,
approval, and collaboration for your entire ad campaign lifecycle.
Our cloud delivery platform helps creative teams control large volumes of ads,
enable internal and external, multi-stage review workflows, and more.
Key features include:

  • 1,200+ Supported Media Types
  • Ad Version Control & Comparison
  • Automated Review Workflows & Notifications
  • Comprehensive Markups, Annotations, and Commenting Tools
  • Real-Time Ad Collaboration 
  • Integration with Design and Project Management Systems.
  • 24/7/365 support

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Proof 1,200+ Ad Types in Place

Whether you're designing a print ad, social media graphic or creating many different ad types in a campaign, you can upload, review, and collaborate on all asset types in one place. Use Ziflow to work with: 

  • AI, PSD, DOC, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, and other standard design formats
  • Adobe Premiere and After Effects video content
  • Live and staged websites
  • HTML5
  • + many more
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Review & Approval Workflows that Keep Ad Campaigns Moving

Create custom review workflows that efficiently captures input on ads from all collaborators in one place, at every stage of ad creation. 

  • Build separate review steps for copy, design, marketing, studio, and other internal teams.  
  • Control when and how clients and external reviewers are looped into the ad review process. 
  • Automated notifications, proof status updates, and review deadlines keep collaborators accountable at all times. 
  • Decision checklists and reviewers lists indicate approvals and launch next steps.



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quote  Ziflow COMPLETELY overhauled our reviewing process. We're now able to have multiple stages of internal review before it even goes to the client. Every reviewer can view in the same space and comments get overlapped. The clients love the different comment types and the ability to compare new and old versions. It's so useful as a designer to show how we changed formatting based on their feedback."

Maddie R. Graphic Designer

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Simplify Design Feedback with Intuitive Markup & Collaboration Tools

Collect review, feedback, and comments in one place--no email, DropBox, PDF markups, or WeTransfer required.

  • Sophisticated annotations and markups provide precise, marked feedback on ads
  • Enable all collaborators to contribute and compare comments in location. 
  • Public and private comments offer concurrent discussions and changes between your internal team and external reviewers.
  • Demonstrate a complete history of changes and modifications as ad design develops. 

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Transparent Version Comparison & File Management

Enable designers and clients to easily upload, control, and compare all versions for a complete history of revisions.

  • Side-by-side version comparison demonstrates changes and reduces errors.
  • Nested folders keep all related files and versions organized by project, campaign, or client for easy reference.
  • Automate proof and version creation directly from your design and ad creation software, like Adobe, Photoshop, Google Docs, and more.
  • Download final approved ad files directly from the Ziflow interface.
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Don’t just take our word for it

Here’s what our customers had to say


“The energy of Ziflow’s development team for new features was really aligned with Splash’s view that technology must keep evolving to stay in front of clients feature requirements and demands.”
Splash Worldwide



“It was an easy migration from what was potentially quite large and scary migration from one system to the other. The fact that Ziflow had the ability to pull the old proofs, including all of the comments and things like that, I thought was just amazing.”
Linney Agency



“For us, onboarding our licensees has been super easy. The directions and the help side of it have been awesome. Everyone's been happy with it internally and externally. We love it.”
NHS, Inc.


“The whole system is well-designed and extremely intuitive... even people who have never used the system are up and running with no special training (or aggravation!). 10/10 stars!!!”
Battery-Biz Inc


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