Getting Started with Ziflow

You ended up here because someone sent you a link to Ziflow. Welcome! Ziflow is an online proofing tool that marketing teams use to manage the collaborative review and approval process in one place.
To get started, watch the video or download the instructional guide below.

Start With Ziflow

What's inside

This short guide will show you how to use Ziflow to view, review, provide feedback on, and discuss pieces of marketing content (we call these “proofs".) 

It will walk through how to work with a proof from start (opening a new proof) to finish (making a decision on a proof).


Start With Ziflow

What you'll learn

  • Opening a new proof that needs your input
  • Adding comments, markups, and text annotations
  • Replying to other reviewers’ comments
  • Comparing multiple versions of a proof
  • Finalizing your decision or finishing your review of a proof 

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