Getting started with Ziflow

We introduce you to the leading creative collaboration and online proofing platform that marketing teams use to manage the review and approval of creative content.
To get started, watch the video or download the instruction guide below.

What's inside

This short guide shows you how to use Ziflow to provide feedback on creative content (we call these “proofs"). We walk through how to make comments, discuss feedback and make decisions on proofs.



What you'll learn

Ziflow provides one flexible, focused environment in which virtually every kind of creative content can be reviewed and approved from anywhere. This short guide will walk you through how to:

  • 01 Opening a proof that needs your feedback
  • 02 Adding comments, markups, and text annotations to the proof
  • 03 Replying to other peoples’ comments
  • 04 Comparing different versions of a proof
  • 05 Making a decision or finishing your review of a proof
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