Reflect your own brand in Ziflow

Provide users with a personalized branded experience

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Ziflow lets you apply your own branding to your proofing site

Apply your branding in a few easy steps

Ziflow online proofing software makes it easy to add your branding and have it reflected everywhere in Ziflow, from the sign-in page to the dashboard, the Proof Viewer and emails. You can even customize the favicon.
Ziflow lets you apply your own branding to your proofing site
Direct your users to your own branded URL

Choose your own URL

Every customer gets to select their own vanity URL e.g.

You can go one step further and fully whitelabel the domain e.g.
Direct your users to your own branded URL
Ziflow supports working with multiple sub-brands as well

Easily manage multiple brands

Whether you’re an agency servicing multiple customers or a corporation with multiple brands, Ziflow allows you to customize the branding experience for each user and reviewer.
Ziflow supports working with multiple sub-brands as well

Customize the proofing experience to reflect your brand

Keep Ziflow in synch with your brand standards
Match your brand standards

Make your users feel welcome by seeing your brand reflected in Ziflow.

You can completely white label your online proofing experience
White label Ziflow

Partners that integrate Ziflow into their platform can white label all aspects of the user experience.

Brand your multiple online proofing sites with ease
Branding for each of your customers

Agencies can easily apply their customer’s branding in Ziflow.

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“The energy of Ziflow’s development team for new features was really aligned with Splash’s view that technology must keep evolving to stay in front of clients feature requirements and demands.”
Splash Worldwide



“It was an easy migration from what was potentially quite large and scary migration from one system to the other. The fact that Ziflow had the ability to pull the old proofs, including all of the comments and things like that, I thought was just amazing.”
Linney Agency



“For us, onboarding our licensees has been super easy. The directions and the help side of it have been awesome. Everyone's been happy with it internally and externally. We love it.”
NHS, Inc.


“The whole system is well-designed and extremely intuitive... even people who have never used the system are up and running with no special training (or aggravation!). 10/10 stars!!!”
Battery-Biz Inc


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