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Ziflow makes it easy for you to identify a proof’s progression and prioritize your proof list

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Quickly determine the status of each proof and reviewer

The proof summary window quickly reveals where your reviewers are in the proof process. Additional information is displayed when you hover over the reviewers avatar.

Drive faster, more accurate decisions

Ziflow calculates all your proofing decision makers choices before setting the overall group status. This calculation always ensures no proof will progress to an incorrect stage.

Apply proof filters across your proof library

Ziflow’s filters allow you to choose what proofs you want to display at any point. This allows you to organize your proofs by status, such as “Proofs to review” ensuring you do not miss a thing.

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Proof previews

Thumbnails are generated for each proof for quick identification of your creative projects. 

Review group visibility

The Proof Summary window gives you visual oversight of all the proofing groups associated with your proof.

Comments summary

Get a quick preview of how many comments each reviewer has made on the proof even when it is not open.

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