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Ziflow helps keep you organized
by design

Filters, views, and folders each help you stay ahead of schedule

Ziflow folders keep your online proofing experience organized

Use folders to match your processes

The best folder structure is the one that is easily adapted to the way you work. Whether you prefer to manage your creative projects by time span, project type or even theme, Ziflow's folders are flexible enough to accommodate your workflow.
Ziflow folders keep your online proofing experience organized
Create custom views easily with filters

Create tailored views with filters

With filters, you can quickly narrow your proof list via a wide range of attributes, such as proof status, owner, when it was created, its name or even which folder it sits in. Filters can be saved (and edited) for ongoing use as well.
Create custom views easily with filters
Organize your online proofing list with ease

Customize your proofs list

You can customize your default proofs list view on an ongoing basis, changing default columns to also include views for your custom proof properties. This is another great way to implement your workflow and processes within Ziflow’s online proofing system.
Organize your online proofing list with ease

Ziflow keeps your online proofing projects simply organized

Be as meticulous as you want with online proofing folders
Flexible Folders

Create or move proofs to any folder; nest folders within folders; create private folders when needed.

Online proofing filter views
Quickly Cut to the Chase

Filters help you quickly zero in on a family of proofs, grouped however you run your projects. There’s no limit on filters or returned results.

Custom proof properties let you create your own metadata
Custom Proof Properties

Easily create your own properties to match your internal naming conventions or tagging system and use them with filters and views.

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