Keep track of feedback and decisions

Ziflow makes it easy for you to identify a proof’s progression and prioritize your proof list

Quickly determine proof progress details

Quickly determine the status of each proof

Ziflow’s unique progress indicators let you quickly track the proof’s progress. You can easily filter and see which proofs are on track and which you need to take action on.
Quickly determine proof progress details
Quickly see which users have provided feedback or made decisions

Drill down to track stage and reviewer progress

Keeping track of which reviewers have responded and which haven't is a big challenge. Ziflow makes it easy to track the progress by stage, group, and individual reviewer right from within the dashboard - no more relying on emails or memory.
Quickly see which users have provided feedback or made decisions
Automated proof reminders in Ziflow

Automatic proof reminders

Prevention is better than cure. Ziflow’s online proofing solution can easily be configured to automatically send late proof reminders to reviewers before, on and after the deadline meaning you don’t have to worry about reviewers forgetting to review proofs.
Automated proof reminders in Ziflow

Minimize the reliance on email
and memory to keep your proofs on track

Track proof progress
Deliver projects
on time

Ziflow’s powerful dashboard allows managers to step away from the Inbox and easily track proof progress.

Automated reminders in Ziflow
No need to
chase reviewers

Ziflow’s online proofing platform will do the necessary chasing meaning you can focus on the important work.

Create proof filters to identify time-based projects
Apply proof filters across
your proof library

Ziflow’s filters allow you to choose what proofs you want to display at any point. This allows you to organize your proofs by status, such as “Proofs to review” ensuring you do not miss a thing.

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