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Version comparison tools help speed up the review process

Compare proof versions to ensure required changes and progress are being made

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Compare any two versions side by side

Compare any two versions of a proof side by side, regardless of their original file format. Proofs are synced so as you move around one version, the other version moves with you.

Continue to add comments in compare mode

Ziflow's online proofing system lets you add comments to your new proof version while in comparison mode. This lets you see the previous version comments while marking up the new proof.

Pixel by pixel or side by side comparisons

Use pixel-level comparison to identify subtle changes such as minor color corrections or small image movements or text changes. Pixel by pixel comparison will clearly show what has changed, even at the smallest detail.

Ensure that changes have been made
and new versions are error free with Ziflow’s comparison tools

Verify changes have been made

Quickly confirm that requested changes were made version to version, and that no errors were introduced.

Compare non-sequential versions

Both side by side and pixel level compare modes support out of sequence comparisons for all proofs.

Satisfy compliance requirements

Use compare modes to confirm requested changes were made and document the resulting decisions.

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