Avoid the chaos of reviewing and managing multiple versions

Ziflow reduces the number of versions per project by a third, saving you time and money

Easily navigate between multiple versions of your online proofing projects

Easily create and navigate amongst versions of your work

New versions can be added instantly with just a few clicks of the mouse. Minor (internal) or major (external) versions allow you to manage how versions are numbered.
Easily navigate between multiple versions of your online proofing projects
Ziflow includes online proofing comparison tools

Compare any two versions side by side

Compare any two versions of a proof side by side, regardless of their original file format. Proofs are synced, so as you move around one version, the other version moves with you.
Ziflow includes online proofing comparison tools
Pixel-level comparison in Ziflow

Compare proofs down to the pixel

Avoid errors creeping in by using the pixel-level comparison tool to identify subtle changes such as minor color corrections or small image movements or text changes. Pixel -by -pixel comparison will clearly show what has changed, even at the smallest detail.
Pixel-level comparison in Ziflow
Audit ready online proofing

All versions are audit-ready if needed

For the original and each new version added to a Ziflow online proofing project, all comments, replies, and attachments are maintained for review or auditing.
Audit ready online proofing

Deliver error-free projects faster with
Ziflow’s version management and comparison tools

Easily identify which version is being worked on
Keep everyone on
the same page

Previous versions can be locked to ensure that team members don't comment on old versions which have already been superseded.

Version management reduces errors immediately
Reduce errors
and rework

Quickly comparing versions ensures no errors are introduced, or requested changes have been missed.

Comparison and collaboration tools drive efficiency
Quickly verify required changes have been made

Quickly confirm that requested changes were made version to version, and that no errors were introduced.

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