Video Proofing

High-performance review and approval collaboration for your video projects


Collaborate More Effectively Than With Email

By centralizing feedback (comments, markups, replies) on the video project itself, as opposed to managing email threads, our customers see immediate benefits including, greater clarity and visibility into the review and approval process, improved status tracking and stronger version control and version comparisons.

Review versions side by side

As with other file formats, Ziflow allows for video versions to be reviewed side by side. This is useful for reviewing historical changes to video projects over time.

SOC II Compliance. Standard.

Ziflow's internal controls have been audited and validated to ensure the security and availability of our services. he completion of this audit confirms that Ziflow’s information security policies, procedures and best practices meet the rigorous SOC 2 standards, which align with our customers’ needs.

Deliver your video projects faster

Rapid Upload Speeds

Accelerate project kickoffs with the industry's fastest upload and transcoding capabilities. 

Turn Comments into Collaboration

Ziflow's real-time collaboration goes beyond just comments., with markups, replies, attachments to comments, etc. 

No Need to Chase Reviewers

Ziflow’s automated reminders and notifications will drive accountability and action. 

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