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Website Proofing

Deliver your web projects faster with Ziflow

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Review single pages or entire websites

Provide individual or groups of URLs of live or staged websites that you wish to review and Ziflow will render each page individually for streamlined review and approval process.

Review historical web pages side by side

As with other file formats, web page versions can be reviewed side by side. This is also useful for reviewing historical changes to websites over time.

Get fast, accurate measurements of page elements

Ziflow’s on-page measurement tools allow everyone to get an accurate measurement of page elements such as panels, images or padding so they can make precise comments and change requests.

Deliver your website projects faster

Capture native look and feel

Capture website pages in their entirety, regardless of scroll length, for an accurate review subject for your team.

Keep web creative files together

Using versions and attachments, you can keep wireframes, designs and even creative briefs together in a single proof project.

Review across different domains

Website proofs can be combined from multiple domains or staging servers, making it easy to compare live pages with work in progress designs.

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