Webinar | 2020 Creative Production Survey Results

How Brands & Agencies Are Managing Creative Output & Collaboration in 2020

We recently surveyed 100 creative leaders at major brands and agencies to understand this important question: "What are your team’s biggest challenges in the coordination of your creative output?"

In a year full of once-in-a-lifetime global events, maintaining creative collaboration and communication plans has never been harder: teams are doing more with less, adjusting rapidly, with technology and team infrastructures that look vastly different than anyone imagined at the start of 2020.

In this webinar, we’ll dig into the results of this survey and top trends in how creative teams are managing their collaboration, client, and compliance processes today. Join to learn:

  • How creative teams are adjusting project volume and communication channels in response to COVID-19
  • The main areas creative leaders are investing in today to stay competitive and compliant
  • Why the biggest roadblock today is internal coordination--not meeting deadlines.
  • How brand leaders and creative directors have structured their internal and client-facing creative production workflows for maximum efficiency
Date & Time: November 30 2020, 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST
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Mike Puterbaugh



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Katie Oberthaler

Brand Manager



Will Lui

VP of Operations