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Considering a ProofHQ alternative?

Try the leader in online proofing. Developed by the founders of ProofHQ, Ziflow is the most robust creative review and approval solution for enterprise brands and agencies.


G2 highest-rated in customer satisfaction for Online Proofing

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The future of online proofing

After working with thousands of marketers to improve creative review and approval, the founders of ProofHQ started Ziflow to bring the next generation of online proofing to enterprise brands and agencies.

Unlike Workfront Proof (formerly ProofHQ), Ziflow is focused solely on simplifying the creative review and approval process by making it easier to manage feedback, improve collaboration, and maximize review efficiency. That means more powerful capabilities and support for you and your team.

For teams that need a better way to review and approve creative, Ziflow is here to help.

Mat Atkinson

Ziflow Founder & Chairman
Formerly Co-Founder of ProofHQ

Anthony Welgemoed

Ziflow Founder & CEO
Formerly Co-Founder of ProofHQ

Why teams choose Ziflow

Here’s why hundreds of brands and agencies are moving to Ziflow.

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Centralize more of your creative

Centralize creative review for all of your media with Ziflow’s cloud based online proofing system. Ziflow supports over 1,200 file types—7x more than the ProofHQ alternative. That means you can efficiently review videos, webpages, print ads and other media in one place. Ziflow also lets you review all of that creative with color accuracy and text imaging features that ProofHQ lacks.

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Take workflows to the next level

Unlike the ProofHQ alternative, Ziflow lets you simplify complex workflows by creating multi-stage reviews so the right people see the right work at the right time. Ziflow also lets you easily turn your workflows into templates to form the most productive flows for different teams and types of creative.   


Keep improving how you work

Ziflow releases product updates every month, turning customer feedback into more new capabilities faster than the ProofHQ alternative. Other providers don’t compare. In fact, we’ve recently launched over 20 feature releases in the last 12 months—far more than the once-a-quarter cadence typical of ProofHQ and other providers.


83% of creative projects reviewed and approved with Ziflow never require more than 2 versions for completion.


Effective collaboration, tailored to your team

As a ProofHQ alternative, Ziflow gives you more custom settings to choose how your team collaborates on proofs. Create multiple streams of collaboration using private comments, prevent version sprawl by creating either major versions (2.0) or minor ones (2.1), and more.


Raise the value of creative production

Produce more creative with less effort by eliminating manual work. With Ziflow, you can automate more of your work and more easily integrate online proofing with the rest of your team's systems than alternative solutions allow. In fact, Ziflow customers reduce turnaround time by 56%, doubling their productivity and cutting project time in half.


Get an easier way to work

Ranked one of the easiest-to-use online proofing solutions compared to alternative solutions on Capterra, Ziflow is continuously improving to make your work easier. And unlike ProofHQ, accessing Ziflow is easy: you can proof any media, including videos and websites, from any device without ever needing to download an application. 


Already using ProofHQ? We’ll help you move

We’ve moved over 2,000,000 proofs for our customers. Our team will transition you to Ziflow with no heavy lifting and all the help you need in three easy steps.

No heavy lifting

Ziflow fully manages the transition process from start-to-finish so you don’t have to.

No missing work

Your ProofHQ account is automatically synced to Ziflow so no work is lost in transition.

All the help you need
All the help you need

Ziflow recommends workflow improvements, updates your training material and provides all the resources your team needs to be successful.

Create more magic with Ziflow

Enjoy the benefits of partnering with the industry-leader in online proofing.