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Developed by the founders of ProofHQ, Ziflow is the industry's leading enterprise-ready standalone online proofing solution, designed for agencies and brands.

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The Founders of ProofHQ Bring You a (Better) Enterprise Proofing Alternative

After working with thousands of marketers to streamline day-to-day creative production tasks, they founded Ziflow to bring the power of online proofing to enterprise-sized brands and agencies.

As a standalone proofing solution, Ziflow is solely focused on speeding up the review and approval process by automating creative content creation, improving collaboration, and centralizing feedback.

That means broader client support, more flexible and powerful collaboration workflows, and constant product iteration around online proofing features---all geared towards helping marketing teams meet delivery timelines in hours and handle the approval of hundreds of projects at scale.

For brands and agencies that want a more reliable, scalable content proofing solution, Ziflow is here to help.

Ziflow was created and built by the experts who know online proofing better than anyone in the industry: ProofHQ co-founders Mat Atkinson and Anthony Welgemoed.

Mat Atkinson

Ziflow Founder & Chairman
Previously, Co-Founder of ProofHQ

Anthony Welgemoed

Ziflow Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Previously, Co-Founder of ProofHQ.

The Ziflow Advantage

Here’s why hundreds of marketing teams, brands, agencies are switching to Ziflow.

Ziflow Online Proofing

Responsive, Secure Enterprise Proofing Environment

Ziflow offers an HTML-based proofing environment that supports hundreds of rich media types and offers intuitive, secure approval steps for both internal content producers and external collaborators. A mobile-ready environment connects to all your marketing systems (Slack, Google Drive, Basecamp, and more) to simplify marketing review on the go, from the moment content is created to secure, compliant campaign archival.

Ziflow Online Proofing

Easy Proof Migration

We’ll port over your ProofHQ proofs and their context--comments, decisions, approval histories, changes, and more--directly into Ziflow with no downtime to your marketing production workflows.


83% of creative projects reviewed and approved with Ziflow never require more than 2 versions for completion.


On-Demand Support

Since online proofing is our only focus, we’re here to answer your proofing questions directly, 24/7, so your projects stay on course--all the time. Ziflow support comes right from the proofing experts themselves: You’ll run into our CEO on the Ziflow help chat, work directly with our Head of Operations during the rapid onboarding process, and more.


Monthly Product Updates

Ziflow releases a new product update every single month to ensure employees, clients, and collaborators have the most efficient proofing environment possible.


Don’t just take our word for it

Here’s what our customers had to say

“The energy of Ziflow’s development team for new features was really aligned with Splash’s view that technology must keep evolving to stay in front of clients feature requirements and demands.”
Splash Worldwide



“It was an easy migration from what was potentially quite large and scary migration from one system to the other. The fact that Ziflow had the ability to pull the old proofs, including all of the comments and things like that, I thought was just amazing.”
Linney Agency



“For us, onboarding our licensees has been super easy. The directions and the help side of it have been awesome. Everyone's been happy with it internally and externally. We love it.”
NHS, Inc.


“The whole system is well-designed and extremely intuitive... even people who have never used the system are up and running with no special training (or aggravation!). 10/10 stars!!!”
Battery-Biz Inc


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