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Creative Asset Production: 5 Time-Wasting Tasks You Can Automate Today


For marketing, design, and advertising teams, there's a big difference between burning the midnight oil to get projects done and burning time on repetitive, mundane tasks.

How much faster would work get done if your team didn’t have to spend time manually formatting, sharing, and following up on creative assets?

In our upcoming webinar, we’ll show you how to put your marketing workflow into overdrive by automating the most repetitive tasks in creative production, such as:

  • Copying, converting, and renaming any file type- PDF, AI, TIFF, PNG, and more-from its source into a format anyone can use
  • Creating and updating project folder hierarchies
  • Transcoding video and audio files
  • Synchronizing assets between Google Drive, Dropbox, Basecamp, Slack and other systems
  • Notifying the right team members when new project files and versions have been created

Join us to learn how to get your team away from busywork and back to connecting, writing, designing, and other high-value creative activities.

Date & Time: Wednesday, May 27 @ 11:00am PST / 2:00pm EST
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Mike Puterbaugh

CMO, Ziflow

Will Lui
VP of Operations, Ziflow