Ziflow and Clarizen One Integration


Streamline the review and approval process for digital content creation and deliver projects faster

Ziflow combined with Clarizen One creates the ultimate solution for streamlining the digital proofing process when creating digital files – including text, image, audio, and video – in the context of your Clarizen workflow.

You’ll benefit by being able to create digital assets more quickly with fewer versions, and fewer mistakes.  The reviewing process becomes more collaborative and interactive – comment threads are connected and everyone stays informed in real time, with a complete audit history.

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Popular Ziflow Activities Within Clarizen One


Create new proofs for review and approval within Clarizen One

Stay within the context of your Clarizen One activity by initiating new proofs from within your project management workflow

Manage existing proofs

You can add or remove reviewers, change their role or email notification settings, and change the deadline or review options from within Clarizen One.
Clarizen - manage new versions

Manage new versions

Keep your project moving along by easily uploading a new version of your proof, keeping everyone on the same page. You can also do side by side compare within Clarizen One as part of the review process.
Clarizen - automate proofs

Automate proofs with configurations

You can automate a number of proofing actions using Clarizen One Configurations,specifically Workflows, Scheduled Workflows and Custom Actions.
Clarizen - legacy migration

Legacy proofing migration available

Clarizen and Ziflow support the migration of proofs managed via the legacy proofing integration in Clarizen One to the Ziflow interface.  

Here are some other helpful integrations

Google Drive

Ziflow and Google Drive work together to automate the creative production tasks you'd rather give to a robot.

Dropbox Integration

Automate a wide range of creative production tasks by integrating Ziflow with your Dropbox environment, in just a few clicks.

Slack Ziflow integration

Keep your conversation and notifications in real-time by integrating Ziflow and Slack

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Transform how your team reviews creative content with Ziflow.

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