Your Zapier Alternative

Ziflow is your Zapier alternative

focused on cloud file and folder processing for marketers

File Conversions
File Conversions

Convert design and image files to easily shareable formats. AI, PSD and more to PDF, JPG, GIF, etc.

AV File Transcoding
AV File Transcoding

Convert audio and video files to alternative formats (HD to SD, SD to HD, HD to mobile, AAC to MP3, etc.)

Copy, Move, Share Files
Copy, Move, Share Files

Easily copy, move, share files across your cloud storage or with your favorite productivity apps like Basecamp, Slack or Trello.

Create Flows to Execute File Actions, Share and Notify

  • When I upload a PSD file to a particular folder
  • Convert it to a PNG file and rename it
  • Then create a to-do in my Basecamp team project
  • And finally, notify my team on Slack!

Ziflow and your apps,
better together

Ziflow integrates with your favorite cloud storage and productivity apps, allowing you get even more value from the tools you use every day.  By automating the tasks and processes occurring within your cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and OneDrive, and productivity apps like Basecamp and Trello, Ziflow can help you and your team get more done.

Ziflow and your apps

Compare Ziflow and Zapier

Comparison made on Zapier pricing for accounts created after April 2016
  Ziflow Zapier
Image file conversions Yes No
Audio/Video file conversions Yes No
Adobe format support Yes No
One-to-one App integration Yes Yes
Multi-step integration Yes Yes
Conditional logic Yes Yes
Run interval 1 to 5 minutes 5 to 15 minutes
Easy integration setup Yes No
Pricing 3x more value  
Free plan

Unlimited Flows

250 Actions

5 Zaps

250 Actions

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