Ziflow Accessibility Statement

Current Version: 5 October 2023

Ziflow Accessibility Statement

Current Version: 5 October 2023

Our Commitment

Ziflow’s mission is to empower agencies and brands to deliver exceptional creative work by streamlining feedback on any asset from concept to delivery.

As creative review is ultimately a visual process, it is impossible to ignore accessibility. As a result, Ziflow is dedicated to ensuring that both our website and our web application are inclusive and respectful to all users, including those individuals with disabilities. To this end, we are committed to a comprehensive effort to align with WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines over the course of several years.

Website Accessibility

Our website, accessible at Ziflow.com, is a public-facing platform that does not require user registration. Our website coding practices are consistent with WCAG standards, and we aim to adhere to 2.1 Level AA at some point in the future. As an example: we diligently examine the contrast ratio of elements used in website design, and ensure that the accessibility of our website visitors is top-of-mind.

Software accessibility

Our dedication to inclusivity doesn't end with website compliance; it's a journey that continues into our software product. We are committed to staying abreast of evolving accessibility standards and best practices.

We understand that technology and user needs are constantly evolving, and we are determined to adapt and enhance our product to meet those changing requirements, ensuring that Ziflow remains a leader in accessible design and usability.

Contact Us

Your feedback is invaluable in this process, and we encourage you to share your insights and suggestions with us as we work together to create a more inclusive digital environment for everyone. If you encounter any barriers or have suggestions related to our accessibility efforts, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at support@ziflow.com.

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