Ziflow and Jira Integration

ziflow jira integration
Jira Software

Use Jira and Ziflow together to ship new creative projects early and often

Integrating Ziflow and Jira enables agilie marketing teams to deliver scalable design review and approval processes that will satisfy the needs of creatives, project managers, and reviewers so that you can deliver more amazing content faster.

In just a few clicks can track and manage what work has been requested but not started yet, what is in production, and what is in review.

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Jira Software

Popular Flows Using Our Jira Integration

Jira - Create New Issues

Create new Issues in Jira

New proofs within Ziflow can trigger the creation of new issues or tickets in Jira
Jira - Bugs and Convos

Create Bugs and update Convos

Proof labels, comments and replies made in Ziflow can be sent to issues in Jira as well.
Jira - Updates and Status

Create Tasks and Update Status

New proof stages in Ziflow can create new tasks in Jira and update their status. 

Jira - Add Proofing Materials

Add Proofing Materials to Files

The Files interface can be updated in real-time with new proofing assets, completed PDF exports of projects, even attachments made to comments. 

Jira - Access Proof

Access Your Proof Directly from a Jira ticket

Quickly access your proofs directly from Jira as an external link.

Jira - What other use case

Have another use case?

Is there another way you’d like to use Microsoft Teams with Jira? Let us know, we might add it to our next release!

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