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Easily manage access to proofs
with proof permissions

Set roles, access rights and security with just a few clicks

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Online proofing secure access roles

A wide range of roles to cover all situations

From proof owner, manage, decision, comment to view permissions, you decide what reviewers’ roles should be on a proof to ensure you get the feedback you need.
Online proofing secure access roles
Guest reviewer authentication for online proofing

Securely share proofs with guests

Unique to Ziflow’s online proofing software, you can share proofs with guests and require them to authenticate before accessing a proof. This not only reduces the licenses required but also stops reviewers from forwarding on their proof URLs.
Guest reviewer authentication for online proofing
Online proofing proof locking

Lock a proof or stage when decisions are made

If needed, proofs or stages can be locked once a decision has been made, locking out any further actions taken on the proof, such as comments or decisions.
Online proofing proof locking

Keep roles clear and proofs secure

Apply security as needed

There’s no need to wait for a new proof or version to change security settings. Adjustments can be made at any time and are enforced immediately.

Settings for groups and individuals

Enjoy the consistency of group-level permissions, along with the flexibility of individual permissions for specific reviewers.

Include external contributors

Clients, partners, and vendors can all take part in review groups, either as named group members or as guests.

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